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  1. Hi Comment. I agree. I originally built it with four tables: Children, Reading Results, Writing Results and Maths Results. Everything was working perfectly when I tested it on my machine. However, when I created the runtime (for reasons stated above), installed it on another machine and tried to import some data exported from my original, it never linked the tables up properly due to a problem either with my scripts or the serial numbers not incrementing properly. Either way it had become too complex to work through so I'm now putting everything together in one big table. The tables
  2. Erm, yes. I did build each pupil having their own record into the design fairly early on
  3. lol bcooney's the closest guys. Just to give you an idea, a small sample would be: Reading L1 AF1a Detail 1 Reading L1 AF1a Detail 2 Reading L1 AF1a Detail 3 I used the GetNextSerialValue function to set a variable to whatever was the highest value, then used the Set Next Serial Value script step to copy it to the other tables. In light of this experience I think quixotic is probably the best way to describe syncing runtimes as Søren says although I'm sure it could be done eventually with these one to one relationships. I would never attempt anything else for fear of my sa
  4. Hi I've played around with this for a couple of days and made some progress. It turns out I had forgotten to reset the serial numbers before I created the runtime so I fixed that, and also wrote scripts to set all the serials to the same value as the highest one in the source database after every import. This has led to a lot less errors but not eradicated them completely. The solution is for a teacher assessing children in their school. There are a large amount of different assessment criteria over three different subjects. So, to make things more manageable I created 4 tables -
  5. Hi Vaughan Many thanks for your reply. I specifically didn't export any keys to avoid this problem but am obviously going wrong somewhere or misunderstanding the process. The problems I have are consistent with serial numbers not tallying up so you're obviously right. Do I need to reset any auto enter serial numbers on the import script and to what value? I get the same problem even if the target runtime is a fresh install. Matters aren't made any simpler by the fact I've had to use multiple tables with one to one relationships
  6. Hi I have created a runtime solution that works just fine. When you export the data, you can delete everything in the runtime and export that data back in again and everything is as it was. However, when another user of the same runtime on a different machine tries to import the same file, the data imports inaccurately and is unusable. This happens regardless of the file type, tab, csv etc. Anybody know what might be causing this?
  7. Hi Comment I'd checked that, but on going back through it all again I realised that it's a calculation which calls another calculation and that one was set to number. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi I have a calculation field which produces the result I want. The thing is that when I click on the field in Browse Mode I can see the text that has been generated by the calculation so I know it's working correctly, yet when I click away and commit the record the field displays a number. Please see attached screenshots so you can see what I mean. Anybody got any ideas what could be causing this? I'm stumped. Before: After:
  9. Hi This stops the mouse scrolling between records but on my machine at least it still won't scroll up and down in a layout. Is there a way to achieve this?
  10. Hi I am currently developing a solution that I want to be able to sell commercially as a standalone application. I was wondering if anybody would be able to explain to me or point me in the right direction to resources that describe what I need to do in order to make the switch from my standalone to a full application with installer and license keys etc which can be shipped on disc. I'm addressing a need in the public sector so there is potentially many thousands of customers. I've only implemented solutions that need Filemaker installed up to now. Many thanks in advance. Jim
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