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  1. hello Noël in all good logic the corresponding 32 or 64-bit version of java must also be installed
  2. hello dear Noël 😊 yes, easy with two parameters sourcePath and destPath :
  3. Hi An example of bcrypt password hash with scriptmaster bcrypt.fmp12
  4. ok, so the latest compatible version is 4.2 except ... that I just tried with 5.2 and ... it works. strange 🤔 Thanks😄
  5. thank you, but I have a 4.204 that works with FM10, I would like to try a newer version between 4.2 and 5 and see if it is compatible.
  6. Hi where can I download the last scriptmaster plugin compatible with FM10, especially the 4th branch ?
  7. indeed, I did not know that thank you John
  8. Hi I use scriptmaster 4.206 with FM10adv and in a groovy script I want to handle scriptmaster specific errors in the grovvy script itself (com.prosc.fmkit.FmCalculationException 102, 106 etc). where can i find an explanation list of scriptmaster error numbers please ?
  9. with filemaker 10 pro advanced I have a calculated multivalued that displays linked images. I checked "keep the proportions" and reduce the image. On screen in preview mode everything is ok ... ... but in print the picture is cropped what can I do?
  10. hello every body as I said before _Dir is the function argument with this folder path and that's whole of the code wich is in the original scriptmaster file, for the development of the script. what is curious is that now this java.io.FileNotFoundException error no longer occurs, while I carried the memory of scriptmaster to 1800 ( with 2048 Filemaker is unbootable ) and resulting in the wheel and filemaker not responding indefinitely. otherwise, this code works fine for small folders. So conclusion, for large directories, I give scriptmaster, because with my VBScript script
  11. the script is def list = [] def dir = new File(_DIR) dir.eachFileRecurse {file -> if ( file.isFile()) { list << file } } list and _DIR is ‪C:\Program Files (x86) and error is java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files (x86)\SideSlide\‪C:\Program Files (x86)
  12. yes thank you, as mentioned in the first post, I had already increased this memory when one second error occurred "java.io.FileNotFoundException error" on which scriptmaster was blocked. Any other script ended on the same error.
  13. good that's unlocked after several restarts it worried me
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