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  1. Yes, that is what I meant. 1 Record that has max. 50 date fields to compare. There might be about 20 records later on.
  2. Hi there I´m pretty new to filemaker and I´m searching for a date function that will display the nearest date compared to the current system date ? I have a few date fields (date 1 ... date 50). Now the calculation date field should show me which of the date fields is coming up first and closest to the current date ? Is there a function for that? Thanks a lot, fraank
  3. How can I change the color of the upload link on a Supercontainer installation with CWP when the image within SC is already present ? Or how could I display to the user on my site, that there is a image already uploaded behind a certain upload link ? Thanks for any idea .... Frank
  4. hi thanks for answering. I looked through the options within the schedule dialog. The only possibilities I found are to run scripts every x-days or for certain week days, but that is not what I was looking for. It should be a script run very 6 months. Any idea ? Maybe I´m completely on the wrong track....
  5. Hi there, I need to send an automatic email every 6 months. How can I manage to run that little script every 6 months on FM Server 10 ? Thanks for a quick idea, Frank
  6. Hi John Thank you for sending me that thread. That was exactly what I planned to do - create a Union:-) Somehow I will check another solution now. Well thanks again for the time you spent ...
  7. Thank you for helping me out. To be honest, I´m very new to Filemaker and my little project has just started. That´s the reason, why I was not more specific, cause I didn´t know better: So here´s my explanation: I have records in table A, table B, table C and so on.... Now I would like to have one layout (screen) where all the records of any table is displayed. I tried that with a portal, but this will show only the records of one table, right ? Thanks
  8. Sorry for this maybe easy question, but don´t get the right answer. How do I combine two databases into one new database? Records from Table A should be a summary from both Records Table B and Records from Table C. The record should be included in Table A as soon that a new Record in Table B or C is started. Somehow I need an Instruction for Dummies. Thanks for your help. Frank
  9. Hi there, I^m pretty new to Filemaker and having problems to find the right approach to a dynamic calculation field problem. As you can see I have three different points that mark a weight for a mass&balance calculation for an airplane or helicopters. these weights are calculated (sum and division within Filemaker) and now should be made obvious on top of a second layer on a flight envelope. Does anyone have an idea how I could solve this problem ? The points should be calculated (I think I solved that step already) and the "printed" or "displayed" on the envelope. Thank you ve
  10. Hi there, how can I send my E-mails with charset ISO 8859-1 via SMTP from the server? Somehow I always get failures with my SMS Gateway, because of the wrong charset. Thanks for an idea.
  11. Hi there! this might be a stupid question, but I have no idea how to solve that problem. I need a field that will handle time in the format hhmm and convert it to hh:mm. Is there a quick way to solve that ? Thanks for your help
  12. Hi there, I^m new to this forum and the Supercontainer as well. I hope that this question hasn^t been posted very often: Is there an easy way to get a external image (for example http://www.foreignserver.com/image1.jpg) into the Supercontainer and resize it to a certain width and height ? Thank you so much for a quick help, Frank
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