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  1. Thank you for sharing this very helpful paper on FMS17 and SSL. When upgrading from FMS 13 to 17, we came across an issue that might be worth mentioning in future versions of the text. It took us quite some time to figure out that while an existing certificate can in general be reused, this is NOT the case if it was generating under FMS versions 14 and earlier. Instead, you need to go to the CA's website and regenerate your site and intermediate certificates based on a newly created CSR. This will do the trick. Your paper justly states that installing the SSL certificate will NOT tak
  2. Thank you so much Wim, that worked out just fine! Smooth installation.
  3. All I see at this moment is a 14.0.4 updater and 14.0.4.a patch. Is there no way do a full FMS14 installation a new MacMini under El Capitan? Installing an older version in order to upgrade afterwards results in an error messag '5003' followed by a dialog saying 'not enough access priviliges to this folder'. Or is that a separate issue? Downgrading the OS back toYosemite is not that easy either... Thanks for any wise words!
  4. Hope my experience can help some searching soul out there. I got there in the end. Recently, we upgraded our FMS 12 setup to 13. In the process we had to switch off Server.app's Websites function which we used to serve our php web pages through https with certificates from an external authority (Comodo). I moved our existing php files to the httpsRoot subfolder, which is where they should go. As expected, the URL in the browser was still confirmed as starting with 'https'. But the https connection now came up as untrusted by our own (and our customers'!!) browsers and our expensive green p
  5. How about checking your post for html left there?
  6. After spending quite a few hours trying to get a brand new MacMini Server just upgraded to Mountain Lion Server to work with our new FMS12, I finally came across this article on the FM knowledge base which bluntly states that Apple's latest operating system will NOT work with its subsidiary's latest database server with respect to web publishing, PHP and several other features. The installation process itself provides no indication of this, other than the web server not being located at the final stage of the deployment process. I phoned our local FM branch and even more bluntly they told
  7. Wat vinden wij van #D66 nu van #Papandreou en zijn #referendum over reddingsplan #Europa? Mooie case en een gewetenskwestie. #Durftevragen!

  8. #internetstoring #xs4all: mail werkt ok, sommige sites ook (Twitter, Facebook) andere niet/slecht (Hotmail)
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