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  1. ask on another site answer at http://wikipedia.org/ search Free diagramming software ?dia is there
  2. good lode on computer software that dose flow diagram modeling for DB. The resin I looking for flow diagram /modeling software! is that people and business can understand diagram / modeling but not the db lingo
  3. how do you define object on your own!
  4. good software that dose flow diagram for DB.
  5. I have a. Job bd for The work I am doing b. services bd for the services I do c. parts bd for the parts I have (order comming, in, out) how on the job bd can I on this I do will have the services and parts in for same line and duel relationship
  6. ya I know I had to code to get that to work before! I thing the .mov help! any more? trouble with relashionship 1. get a list and 2. if not in list it make new entry! thank for all your time!
  7. Dynamic (relationships)! dynamic databass is what I did on filemaker pro(v1)
  8. a. entry Serial b. name as [xname] c. bday as [xdate] xname [ alpha as string bravo as string Charlie as string ] xdate [ yyyy as int mm as int dd as int ] I hope that help ya I do have Getting Ideas to the real word Problines
  9. IS THERE MORE THEN LOOK UP FOR relationships!
  10. how do you check for that in a scrip, Formula, function
  11. how do you make Data Structures in filemaker!! I did this in FM 1 and 2! I forgot what I did!! thank for you all of your's time
  12. Making should that a entry is not enter in the field in all db yet! In a function! Thanks for all your time
  13. yes serial would be easy but a random alpha-numeric string will work better! I need help in filmmaker to check to make shear the string is not use yet!
  14. I like to get a random string alpha-numeric that is not use in the db yet! this is for the index or references for entry!
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