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  1. Open URL Mailto

    Still struggling unfortunately, thanks for your continued help. I copied the text from my Open URL script, everything is ok with the resultant email below except there’s no active hyperlink to my file. "mailto:=John Fower;Paul Bowater;Gerarda Hadfield;Josh Parker;Steve Bramley;Neal Fussey;Graham Crosby" & "&subject=Lookahead Report" & "&body=Dear All,%0D%0DPlease find below linked lookahead report.%0D%0DRegards, Adrian.%0D%0D&" & "&file://G:/Large Files With Links/OTM Planning/Lookahead Report.pdf"
  2. Open URL Mailto

    Apologies, the file would be on a network drive.
  3. Open URL Mailto

    What would the syntax for the linked file look like? I can't find an example anywhere.
  4. Server Busy Error

    Thanks Fitch, I'm following this up with our ICT department.
  5. Server Busy Error

    I've spoken to the ICT guy that installed X64 Filemaker Pro 16 and asked him if it came with the X86 installer, he said it didn't. When you purchase the software, do we know if we should get both installers? Also, do you think that the X86 version would be supplied if we explained our situation? I'm not involved in the procurement process, but suspect that the software came from a third party supplier and not direct from Filemaker. I will have to look into the Perform Script on Server script step.
  6. Open URL Mailto

    It does, but I was hoping I could get a double line break like the below: "Dear All, The attached route(s) have been added to the route competence database. TOP 006 paperwork received. Regards, Adrian."
  7. Open URL Mailto

    Is there any way to achieve a double line break using the open url mailto script step? I have achieved a single line break using the following: "&body=Dear All,%0D%0AThe attached route(s) have been added to the route competence database. TOP 006 paperwork received.%0D%0ARegards, Adrian." Also, is there any way to add mail attachments?
  8. Server Busy Error

    It turns out there's a known compatibility error between 32 and 64 bit versions of FileMaker Pro 16 and MS Outlook 2016 with regard to the send mail script. Both software require the same bit version. Below FileMaker describe the workarounds: WORKAROUNDS: Use 32-bit Outlook Use SMTP settings to send mail instead of the E-mail client Use the Open URL script step with the following syntax: "mailto:someone@example.com?subject=This%20is%20the%20subject&cc=someone_else@example.com&body=This%20is%20the%20body" Firstly I'm awaiting a response from our ICT department regarding a 64 bit version of MS Outlook. With regard to SMTP, how easy is this to configure with a corporate MS Exchange email account? Lastly, with regard to the open URL script step, does this have to be kept simple as in the above example? Can you send to multiple people and also insert calculations into the email body?
  9. *fp7 to *fmp12 Conversion

    Managed to sort this in the end by checking external sources in each file and correcting the filepath if required. I somehow imagined that the filepaths would be corrected automatically as part of the conversion process.
  10. *fp7 to *fmp12 Conversion

    Not every file in the folder is related to the other. Should there only be entries for each related file rather than every file within the folder? If so, things look ok so I'm not sure why I'm being asked for filepaths constantly.
  11. *fp7 to *fmp12 Conversion

    Yes, one for each related file. Is that how it should like or does it require a specific filepath?
  12. I've just converted a bunch of *fp7 files (Filemaker 11) to *fmp12 files (Filemaker 16). The original files were spread across three folders, but I set the conversion destination to one folder. The issue I have is that every time I open Filemaker I am asked to re-establish the paths (can't find file etc) for all related files. After doing this initially I wasn't expecting to have to do this again. Is there a way to sort this once and for all? Everything seems ok when I look at the external sources. Already made one big mistake by deleting external sources for one file, then adding them again only to find the relationships were broken for good. Re-established them by referring back to the relationship diagram of the *fp7 file.
  13. Insert Object

    Apologies, now sorted.
  14. Insert Object

    Thank you both.
  15. Insert Object

    I've finally been upgraded at work from FileMaker Pro 11 to FileMaker Pro 16. There no longer appears to be an 'insert object' function on the shortcut menu for container fields. I can insert a file (word document) but it only displays the MS Word icon rather than the document itself that the insert object function did. Any ideas please? I have a button with associated script to open the document, but I'm used to being able to see them within the container field.

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