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  1. Lee/Steve, Thanks for your replies. I didn't think it was a case of removing blank spaces, more a workround of getting the left and right hand borders to extend the whole length of the body irrespective of the number of records. I may be wrong however. As Steve suggests, that is how the layout is set up, with a header and footer border, with a seperate border for a sub summary and the body. The sub summary is also set to break before each occurrence, if this should make a difference to the border. If I can't get the border to close up, I could abandon it. I was just trying to re
  2. Is it possible to achieve an unbroken border (manual border and not field border) across the header, sub summary, body and footer irrespective of the number of records on display (see attached)? I can only achieve an unbroken border when there are four records on display. Each part has it's own border, that had to be slighlty longer than the part in order for the line to be unbroken. Thanks in advance.
  3. I don't think so. I'm assuming plugins are installed separately to the Filemaker application and aren't part of that install?
  4. I've just upgraded to Filemaker Pro 17 and Filemaker Go 17. Unfortunately I now get 'The Host's Capacity Was Exceeded' error message (attached) when trying to open a file on my iPad that is hosted on my MacBook. I'm the only user of this file, so it seems strange and I've never had the error with previous Filemaker versions. Has anyone any ideas please? Edited to add that the file opens with Filemaker Go 17 when it is open on the MacBook with Filemaker Pro 16, therefore could this be a bug in Filemaker Pro 17?
  5. adyf

    Portal Aesthetics

    Thanks for your reply. That would be a lot of work to build seperate layouts for the iPad UI. I have actually have it set peer to peer to see real time changes. I've had some success so far with a few fields, but struggling with the last few. I just didn't know if there was an easy way of doing this. But as bcooney pointed out, with different behaviour across both formats it doesn't appear that there is.
  6. adyf

    Portal Aesthetics

    I have the following portal on FM16 on my MacBook, which to all intents and purposes looks fine with regard to field size, alignment including borders etc. But when I look at the same portal in FMGO, you can see that things don't look quite so neat with regard to the click button and the first two fields. Everything looks ok in inspector with regard to field sizing and positioning etc. Just wondering if there's an easy way to square all this up so the appearance is consistent on both platforms. Is it trial and error, I have had some success with other fields in sendi
  7. Quite recently I upgraded from FM11 to FM16 and converted a bunch of files. I since appear to have a portal that isn't always displaying the correct records. The first screenshot below, shows the layout based on the Route Packs table, with three portals based on different tables stacked down the left hand side. The portal that is displaying strange behaviour is the bottom most portal, although on this record (Armley Jn - Dockfield Jn) it is displaying the correct records. The uppermost portal is showing two records which are the route pack sections that make up the route pack (Armley
  8. adyf

    Server Busy Error

    Thanks Fitch, that's good to know. I'm too far on with change since the 64 bit version of the software was installed.
  9. adyf

    Server Busy Error

    If I could get the 32 bit version of the software installed, would that be ok with the files that have been worked on by the 64 bit version?
  10. Is there an equivalent script step for Update Link for *fmp12 files?
  11. The table is below. Mainly text and calculation fields. When creating the record again (CTRL+N) I did copy the text from the route pack field into the new record, perhaps I should type it in manually in case the text is corrupt somehow.
  12. I’m having a really strange issue with a goto related record script step after converting a file from *fp7 to *fmp12. There was no issue with this in FileMaker 11. The script step is linked to a button, to go to a related record (same record) based on the same table to a different layout that contains portals based on different tables. For some reason running the script when a particular record is selected crashes FileMaker 16, and I have to force close the program. I did think the layout may be corrupt in some way, so duplicated it, deleted the original an renamed the duplicate
  13. adyf

    Open URL Mailto

    I haven’t considered a plug-in, is there a cost involved and what would you recommend?
  14. adyf

    Open URL Mailto

    Still struggling unfortunately, thanks for your continued help. I copied the text from my Open URL script, everything is ok with the resultant email below except there’s no active hyperlink to my file. "mailto:=John Fower;Paul Bowater;Gerarda Hadfield;Josh Parker;Steve Bramley;Neal Fussey;Graham Crosby" & "&subject=Lookahead Report" & "&body=Dear All,%0D%0DPlease find below linked lookahead report.%0D%0DRegards, Adrian.%0D%0D&" & "&file://G:/Large Files With Links/OTM Planning/Lookahead Report.pdf"
  15. adyf

    Open URL Mailto

    Apologies, the file would be on a network drive.
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