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  1. forgive me if this question has been answered elsewhere. I'll try to be brief: I have a table "events", and another table "line items". Users are complaining that event invoices are slow. There are many potential areas that I could look at for speeding it up, but right now I'm looking at the grand total. Historically I have used this calculation field in line items table: Total of Total Cost + If( Line Items to Events to Payment Types:: d.c. Tax Exempt ≠ "yes"; Total of Food Bev Tax Amount+ Total of Misc Tax Amount+ Total of Parking Tax Amount ) however, I recently learned about th
  2. I use 2 filemaker files, one for data, the other for UI. the script is in the UI database. Your question prompted me to make a test, by putting the script in the data database. Sure enough, it worked! I don't understand why, and I would prefer to have the script in the UI database. Any advice?
  3. (FMPA 12.0v5) I have a script with 1 script step: "export records". "run script with full access privileges" is checked for the script. When I run the script under a full access privilege set, it works (it displays an export dialog, then exports the file). When I run the script under a privilege set where "allow exporting" is unchecked, it fails (it does not display an export dialog, and does not export any file). This doesn't sound correct. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Yes, unstored. Thanks for the tips. I'll try making it into a text field with an auto-enter calc. Yeah, I'm still on 8.5. some day 10.
  5. I just read about optimizing calculations in FMP 9 bible and I thought I'd give it a try. I have a Full Name calculated field, and my boss wants the text of that field to be red if the contact is a current member (we are a private club). Doing this slowed Finds made within that field considerably. I tried to optimize the field, and to my surprise searches slowed even more. Here's the before and after code. What can I do to speed up this field? Before: Let( fullName=TextFormatRemove( If(Contacts::Last Name ≠ "";Contacts::Last Name & ",") &If(Contacts::Salutation ≠ "
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've solved the issue. The problem was unrelated to using the data URL, but rather Filemaker 9 and 10 didn't like executing jQuery code that was referenced via the src tag. I can include jQuery that way, and even some extra libraries, but my $(function() { ...code goes here... }); function had to be included within the HTML file itself. this is a definite difference between 8.5 and 9+, as my code worked fine on 8.5 and still does.
  7. for the curious, I solved this issue. 1st, FMP 9+ didn't like jquery ui's datepicker (8.5 was ok w/it) so I just used the Date method instead. Then it didn't like the fact that cluetip and my initialization scripts were referenced as remote files (src). when I embedded the scripts in my html file, then it started working. There you have it.
  8. Duh! Never mind, I figured it out. It was something dumb on my part. Thanks for your help!
  9. I have an Average of summary field that more often than not doesn't calculate. I suspect it is because the field it is summarizing is a combination of a lookup (allow override) and a calculation. Any ideas on how to get the summary to always calculate would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I know this is an old thread so I wouldn't be surprised if nobody replied to me on this one. I basically back burnered my FMP10 evaluation, and am still on 8.5. If the true answer to this issue that there are problems with data:text/html, then why is this consistently working correctly for me in 8.5? Has something changed between 8.5 and 10? And what about 9? Is it problematic like 10, or solid like 8.5? Anyone know?
  11. This appears to be some odd refreshing issue. I'm still testing. sometimes the bug appears. sometimes it doesn't.
  12. I just created a test database with just 1 field and 2 web viewers. 1 web viewer is just the web address to the file I posted. The other web viewer uses: "data:text/html," & web viewer test::html at first, only the former worked correctly. I say 'at first'. When I just now went into layout mode to check the web viewers' syntax, then back to browse mode, now both viewers are working correctly. bizarre. I'll do some more testing to see if I can isolate the issue. For the record, what appeared to be the problem was that the jquery function wasn't executing. What you would see is a
  13. I'm evaluating FP10, and javascript is failing to execute in my web viewer. here is a sample: http://www.omansion.com/2020/fp10-test.html this works identically in FMP 8.5 and in Safari. But in FMP10, it is busted. I wonder if it is because I have installed webkit? Any help is greatly appreciated! -Dan
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