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  2. I have built several scripts in my FM Pro 10 database, but when I access the database in IWP, I cannot see the command or icon for SCRIPTS.
  3. Yes...kind of. I came up with the middle table FM Combo because I was unsure if a JOIN table could then add other fields which would be joined to another table. I am going to rethink this today...
  4. Thank you for the tip regarding my "spider web". I did download and go thru the PPT for Anchor/Buoy While my database is probably not complicated enough to use that system...I can see how my TOG was confusing. I have re-organized the TOG to make my relationships more transparent." Also...I have done some data entry in the F/B Combo - Therapeutic Uses & Sources" Layout, which hopefully demonstrates what I am trying to do with my database. Right now, everything is in order for me to be doing my research and entering the information, [color:red]but I am concerned because if I n
  5. Sorry that you thought I was re-posting an old issue. If you notice I posted a request on how to show something solved because I was able to work out the issue I posted earlier. This is a new issue that came up AFTER I solved the first issue. Everytime I think I've got this database ready to use...AAAARRRRGGGGHHH ! Thanks, Karen
  6. I have attached my file because I am not sure how to explain my issue without someone seeing how my relationships are set up. Based on the attached file... When I create a new record on the LAYOUT "Forumlae" it adds a record to the TABLE "FormulasItems", but I need a new record (or records) added to FB Combo. It seems like it should happen...but it does not ? herbalsolutions2-27-09__1.fp7.zip
  7. If I figured out a question for myself...how do I mark the question DONE or SOLVED on this FORUM ?
  8. THANK YOU FOR THAT HELP UPLOADING MY FILE: Re: Problem adding records from drop down list in a portal... Looking at the file again (and again and again), I really think my problem stems from not knowing how to do the join tables properly. I have TABLE: PROGRAMS Field: Program ID Field: Program Name TABLE: FORMULAS Field: Formula ID Field: Formula Name TABLE: BOTANICALS Field: Botanical ID Filed: Botanical Name Join TABLE: PROGRAMS Items Field:
  9. I have created fields "formula id" and "formula name" which are each calculations (concatenation) of two other fields. On my layout I have these two fields and then a portal in which I am trying to add records (from two different drop down value lists). My drop down list shows...but when I try to select one of the choices, I get the error: This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable. From previous posts, I can see that the problem is somehow related to my calculation fields but I don't know how to fix the issue. Also...I do not know how to attac
  10. Thanks. Yes...the question is tied to my other post. I am going to check all of the really great replies and see how far I can get before addressing the checkbox/value list issue. Thank you for the suggestions. Karen
  11. HELP...Newish user trying to set up many-to-many database...I'm going in circles ! [ NEW ] I know that Filemaker is the right solution for my database, but I have not used FM since 1996 and am having some trouble figuring out the concept of JOIN TABLES and PORTALS I need to track the following in regards to HERBAL SOLUTIONS PROGRAMS -- Each Program consists of several FORMULAS FORMULAS -- Each FORMULA consists of several BOTANICALS BOTANICALS -- Each BOTANICAL has several THERAPEUTIC USES THERAPEUTIC USES -- Each THERAPEUTIC USE has several
  12. I have set up checkboxes and value lists to populate my database in which I have many-to-many relationships with multiple choices for each field. e.g. -- I have a table with PROGRAMS and a table with FORMULAS Each PROGRAM can have multiple FORMULAS S so I set up a checkbox using a value list from FORMULAS... Now I have each PROGRAM with several FORMULAS listed. Now I also have a table with BOTANICALS Each FORMULA can have multiple BOTANICALS so I set up a checkbox using a value list from BOTANICALS... Now I have each FORMULA with several BOTANICALS listed. Bu
  13. Hi all...I have not used Filemaker in many years (about 13) but I loved what it was capable of back then. I am trying to set up a LIBRARY database that has many-to-many relationships...and I keep running into problems. Here is my criteria...and what I tried to do so far: btw...I set up fields for serial ID#s but I'm not really using them FILE #1 Table: PROGRAMS Fields: Program ID, Program Name, Formula Name -- There are currently 8 programs possible, each of which contains multiple FORMULAE (currently set up with a checkbox list from the FORMULAE Table see below) T
  14. OH WELL...I haven't been on version 2.1 all these years...just been away from FM altogether. I know there are sooooo many new possiblities with the relational db. Here is my situation... I have to keep track of: PROGRAMS FORMULAS HERBS ACTIONS A Program can have multiple Formulas A Formula can belong to multiple Programs A Formula can have multiple Herbs An Herb can belong to multiple Formulas (and Programs) An Herb can have multiple Actions An Action can belong to multiple Herbs (and Programs and Formulas) I want to be able
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