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  1. UPDATE: I have found that when printing, if "Records being browsed" is selected, it will print. However, if "Current Record" is selected, I get the blank page. It seems like corruption - any corroboration? What is the best way to import into a new DB file other than table by table? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and created a new layout, copy and pasted the fields from the backup, and reset the object to sub summary, with the same result. Any clues on to what might be corrupted that would cause behavior like this, in order to narrow down what to re-create..?
  3. Hi all, I have the strangest issue. We're running FMSA on 10.5.8 client, and any layout with sub summaries now will not print, even after sorting. The only change was the file was moved to a server running 10.6 with 10.0v2 for a couple days, and used (although a sub summary layout was not used). It's now back to the original server. When printing a layout with a SS after sorting, it prints blank! The system print preview also shows blank. However, Filemaker "Preview" shows the layout correctly. Is there any change to a file when opened with 10.0v2? A backup of the file before transferring to the alternative server works as expected. Thanks for any insight.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm running Apache 2.2, so it must be just as bad. I take it this is something you can't just throw more resources at? Out of curiosity, is IIS any better? In the meantime, duplicating the data I need in a MySql table and loading it into FM through ESS is working out well so far too - and much, much quicker.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for numbers or experience on WPE limitations. I have a small, 4K script that does a find of a POST variable, and then writes a string into a field before invoking a javascript redirect. Upon loadtesting the script, I can only get up to about 200 simultaneous users before WPE founders, throwing 417 errors, and sometimes simply crashing. I'm running a two machine setup. WPE is a Dual Quad Core 2.26 Mac Pro with 8GB of RAM. The DB is a Dual 1.8 G5 MP with 2GB of RAM. Neither machine peaks out the network or CPU. WPE does end up taking up "131%" in Activity Monitor, however between all the cores, none of them show much strain. Is 200, or even 500, simultaneous connections (users) too much to expect, or are there a few things that can be tweaked to help WPE out? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks - I'll play around with this a bit.
  7. We have a complex solution that basically associates a contact record with a school district. Each district has many contact records associated with it. Each contact record has a field (actually a portal to a relative table) of job titles that apply to that person. So, we would search the contacts layout for anyone on X committee, with Y title..and find 300 of them, one per district (since only person per district is on that committee), meaning 300 districts out of 720. Now, I want to do another find, basically, for Z title, omitting the 300 districts that were found in the first find, without having to key them all in and omit them when I do a find for Z title. I'm trying to export the email addresses for all of Z title in districts that do NOT have someone on X committee. Thanks for your help!
  8. I'm not sure that what accomplish it exactly. I need to basically take all the different school fields, and do a find with 45 requests using the schools that were found in the orginal find. Almost be the same as having a text file with criteria on each line, and being able to import that and have it do 45 requests based on what's in the text file, instead of manually keying in each request.
  9. I'm having this need come up more and more...I have a user that finds a set of records, and then I need to find ANOTHER set of records that omits content from a field of the original found set. For example... Fields: Name Address City State School Hobbies I do a find for everyone that has a CITY of Columbus...I get 45 records back. Now, I need to query the DB again - new find, and omit the school name from each of the 45 records...so FIND R1->Hobbies=Music, FIND R2->OMIT School from found set 1, record 1, FIND R3->OMIT School from found set 1, record 2, etc. I can't wrap my mind on how to script this out - and surely don't see anyway to do this straight up through the UI. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.... If I understand correctly, I would preload the form fields with $_REQUEST['formfieldname'] - which wouldn't show on initial load but would once they submit, POSTing those variables, and reload the form with an error and submitted information. Does that sound about right? Or would that throw an error on the initial load?
  11. Hello, When submitting a form to another page or itself and an error is returned (either by FM or verification code), is there an easy way to keep what the user had filled in in-tact when reloading the form page to display the error/message..besides using sessions? Thanks for your help!
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