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  1. I want a statement on each record that says: Last Modified on (date) by (user). The date bit is easy - I just set a field to auto enter the date of the last modification and use that. But how do I capture the account name of the last modifier of that record, and get it updated in the second (user) field? I've tried using a calculation field with Get(AccountName), but this simply records the account that created the record, not the last user. It's got to be a simple job, but my head is spinning.....
  2. I have built a small database for a charity to help them manage their growing membership records. Each record has a 'status' field where membership can be set to 'Active', 'Inactive', or 'Deceased'. Having argued that the charity should not delete 'Deceased' records because those records may be needed even though the person is no longer breathing or donating, the charity wisely asks that the database "should not show deceased people", but we should keep their records. How do other database designers deal with dead people? i could write a script that performs a find all records but
  3. I have 36 records in a found set, each with an email address. I have created a script with the intention of presenting a single blank email email to the user with all of the email addresses from this found set in the BCC field, and with a 'no reply' email address in the To field. The intended result is a single blank email presented to the user with all the email addresses from the found set put together in its BCC field so that one single email can be created and sent out to all of the BCC addressees. However, on executing the script, my email client produces a blank email for every si
  4. Thank you mr_vodka. That worked perfectly. Now, when I get stuck, I will try to take some vodka with it. Must help!
  5. I have a table containing individual income or expenditure records for individuals, and a table with a layout to display the individual's details with a portal of their income and expenditure amounts. I cannot work out how to get the syntax for the calculation field to show a running balance for the individual that will show on the portal under his/her name. Please can someone help? I've attached an example of what I'm trying to achieve - the running balance field is currently empty! KB Finances.zip
  6. I have a table with over 300 records containing the data of individual regions. Each region belongs to one of only ten provinces. I want to select a record for work by using a drop down list, but it makes sense for this to be a conditional list using the filter of the province to show only those regions in that particular province. I have created a conditional value list by following the instructions in the filemaker manual, but this gives me a separate table and creates a whole load of new records, which I don't want or need. Can anyone please help? I attach a simplified version
  7. Well, there is a problem. No plug ins. Just the upgrade.
  8. I built a database in Filemaker Pro 10, with buttons to trigger email scripts. All works fine in FMP10. Upgraded the office to FMP11 yesterday and now my scripts are broken and won't work in FMP11. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone got any advice (apart from reverting to 10)? How do I get help from Filemaker people?? KB
  9. Can anyone please help me with this problem (and thanks in advance): I am using FM Pro 10 Advanced. I want the user to be able to print out a letter containing the text of any of a number of letters stored in a table (tLetter) to a found set of individuals from a table tPeople (this group of people need to receive a letter asking them to return their subscription form, or inviting them to come to a meeting, etc). I have a table (tPeople) containing people’s records (table starts with ID field for each person which is indexed), and a second (unrelated) table (tLetter) with the
  10. Yes, except that the portal on the left needs to be a drop down list rather than a portal.
  11. Thanks for your reply. No, not quite. I have a layout in Form View for a table called 'Visits'. That layout shows related fields for a particular visit. I need to create a drop down list on that layout that shows all the visits and allows the user to select a visit so as to show the records relating to that visit. I thought I could use a Value List with the Visit ID and the Visit Name, set to show only the Visit Name, but this won't work because it won't change the record. At the moment, I'm having to switch to Table view to select a different visit. There has to be a wa
  12. I have a layout that shows single record sets from a table, including the name of the record set. I need to create a drop down list on the layout with the names of the individual records so that I can select a recordby its name and get the layout to display that record. It should be simple, but I can't do it. Can anyone please help?
  13. I have a dbase with a number of url records in text fields in the format http://www.name.com etc I should like to make them clickable, so that when I click on the field, it launches a browser window which takes me to the URL page. Is this possible, please, and if so, how?
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