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  1. I am running a MacBook Pro with Lion (10.7.5). I am running the latest Java JDK 7_17 I run a development version of SuperContainer server on this computer for use with FileMaker Pro 11. This has been error free for 4 years under various versions of SC I am now on 2.864 of SuperContainer and have been for several months. Yesterday I updated my OSX with Safari 6.0.3 and the latest Security update. Now the SC server will not start, I get this error Problem starting server: mymacname: maymacname: nodename nor servname provided, or not known NB: I have replaced my real Mac
  2. Hi Jesse et al I did try to upload but the method in the forum failed.Give me another route and I will send it. Also, I am running on Windows 2008 R2 server, and FM Server Advanced 11.03 I do most of testing/dev using Mac OS X Lion. Tony
  3. I have been running my solution for over two years on SuperContainer. We have over 2m images loaded. All create thumbnails (using the Troi plugin) and then download and or view fine from SuperContainer. Very recently we have started getting some new images (jpgs). They look fine in native image programs. They load into the solution (SC) fine. The thumbnails look fine. However, when I view them in the web viewer they appear rotated. I have adjusted the aspect ration of the viewer but they always rotate. I can download using the SCDownload function and the files views perfectly. As expected w
  4. I have Windows servers running 2008 R2 and have tried to update from SC 2.863 to 2.864 using the standard WindowsInstaller.exe. On both servers I get the error You must run this application using the Mac Installer application, not by double-clicking on the installer.jar I am double clicking the .exe. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? And fixed it! Will uninstalling completely and installing using the WindowsInstaller.exe work - I am loathe to try this 'on the off chance' as my dev server is actually used for the odd demo.
  5. Thank you, David. It was indeed the address. I had not changed the address in web viewer to the external one. It is all fine now.
  6. I have a pilot running on windows 2008 server. I have installed Supercontainer which is running fine on the LAN. IWP is also running fine on LAN. Most recent test was to get a remote dynamic url to allow access through my router (time capsule). IWP is working fine but always get a timeout with the web viewers and Supercontainer. I have the following ports forwarded to the server: 80, 5003, 16000, 16001, The server is in a domain and none of my client computers (on the LAN) are in the domain and they all access the IWP and the SC images fine. Only my colleague running remotely fai
  7. I would like to chime in here as I have been having this issue with bells on. I use a dialog and also need to show the Import dialog. What I find is that I get three dialog boxes pop up in three different places. It looks really messy and I see no reason why there should not be a way to position the box via code - if FM can remember where the last one was it could reset to a know location or allow the same control as we have with 'new window'. The problem with rewriting to use windows is extra baggage and difference between Mac and Win. If we have to go round to houses to do some basic stuff w
  8. Hi I have just converted my single file solution to a Separation Model and the first interesting challenge is the accounts and passwords. I have 5 different access groups (privilege sets) and am happy with the handling of these. I have an accounts table and can control changes to privileges and passwords through that but I do not see a way to prevent the user from changing his password at the login screen. If he changes it in the Interface table then the backend will be out of step. I thought the tab in privileges might hide the change password button but it doesn't. I feel sure I am missin
  9. Hi I am about to implement a multi-user db on FM server 10 on Windows and I know that two things are certain: 1. I will have bugs in my coe 2: The users will want functions they had not told me about. this means updating the system moving forward. What tools (if any) are there to aid the migration of new/updated scripts into a 'running' system.
  10. I have a situation where I need to save the current value in a field in case the user cancels the subsequent triggered script on save. I have a trigger on enter and the the save and this works a dream on Mac but fails 4 out of 5 times on Windows. Has anyone else experienced this sort of behaviour? To confirm - it is OK to have two triggers on a field - ie enter & save as I am doing?
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