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  1. Oh yes, Tahoma does show 'normal' and 'negreta' in FontBook on the Mac. Maybe this is a bug of the OS, and not FileMaker's fault. So I take it that Negreta means bold, or rather duck bold. As for the new style of supplying variations, FM14 now provides other variations such as Thin, Light, Condensed, etc. Thanks for pointing that out. I consider this a new feature, which FileMaker didn't announce as one. Alas, FM14 didn't actually remove all the 'faux' bolds and italics because Tahoma comes only with Normal and Bold but if you press the italic button, its 'faux'. Also note that, FileMaker o
  2. I notice the same thing too LaRetta. At first I thought it was another font named Negreta, but then realise its a styling from Bold. Maybe FileMaker made a mistake in the translation. So I google the word and found that it's Spanish, with this: 1. Coot, a kind of duck of a blackish color. note: tested with FM14 - 30 days trial.
  3. I'm using iPod touch 5th generation (latest) running FileMaker Go 13.0.5 just fine The latest version was updated a few days ago, a day after iOS 8 was updated http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13985 If your iPod touch comes with iOS 7, you need to update it to v8. Some stats: FM Go 13.0.4 was 235.5MB in size The new FM Go 13.0.5 is 127.1MB
  4. Lee Smith: Ha! You have to go check out v10 just to see it for yourself. But I assure you the arrows exist in v11 as well as v12. I don't have access to v10 Advance. Could you just do a breakpoint in your "Dugger" (I might just call it that next time) in any of the script step and then open the script edit box to see if the red breakpoint is there? Save the script if you will. If it is there, you'll have the grey column and your arrows will be gone. Then quit Filemaker. Relaunch. Your arrows might be gone forever. Let me know how it goes.
  5. Ok I search the Help menu and this is what I find: [ Set or clear a breakpoint from the selected line. Breakpoints allow the Script Debugger to execute large sections of a script, pausing only to inspect the section marked with a breakpoint. Breakpoints are ignored by FileMaker Pro when the Script Debugger is not in use. You can set or clear breakpoints in the Script Debugger or when you create scripts. To set a breakpoint when you create scripts, click to the left of the step. Breakpoints are saved with the script in which they are set. You can set breakpoints on multiple steps. Note: You
  6. "Script steps cannot be re-ordered in the de-bugger window. Break points cannot be set in the script editing window." Whoa!! So this is a bug, yes? Looking at my screenshots, you very well know that it is from the Script editing window. So BruceR and steigrafx's Filemaker is not functioning right as well too. Vaughan, I smell something fishy...
  7. Thank you for replying. At least there's some answer to this annoyance. To clearify further, I am not concern about breakpoints or script editing in that sense. The Filemaker I'm using is version 12v3 on a MacOS X 10.8.2. I am more annoyed by "who turn on this breakpoint thing in the Manage Script?". I used to see those little arrows to re-order those scripts. Now all of a sudden there's this grey column and the arrows are gone. So my immediate reaction is to question why the breakpoints appear in the Manage Script which I usually see only in the Script Debugger. Why is it like that and ho
  8. I'll post another picture. Â Â This is from a script. From the Manage Script/ScriptMaker. It doesn't matter what script. Any file. But why is the grey column there? Clicking on it toggles a Breakpoint. Â I don't want it. i don't want to set a breakpoint. I did not use Script Debugger nor Data Viewer. Where do I turn it off? It appears on every file, all scripts. I want my regular arrows so I can re arrange scripts. Â Few days ago I launch my Filemaker and its been like that since. From the Script Debugger standpoint, its called setting a breakpoint. But I didn't open SD. Â Ho
  9. How do I turn off breakpoints in Manage Script? Â Now every file I open have this grey sidebar to toggle breakpoints in Manage Script. Even creating new files from template. I did not open Script Debugger. Â Restarting FMP did not solve it. Nor restarting the computer. It is still there when creating new script step. I just want to turn it off so I can reorder my scripts. Â And since I did not open Script Debugger, what do you call/name this function? Toggle breakpoint in Manage Script? Searching the world wide web always point me to Script Debugger. And I couldn't find any answer
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