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  1. I'll have to have a play - the last time I did any applescripting was on System 7 I'll look at getting the script to determine if its a PC or a Mac client that is trying to send the eMail and handle it differently from there. Thanks for the code sample, it will give me a head start :
  2. Very nice set of fixes - thank you very much for sharing them There are now at least two Windows 2008 SBS x64 servers with FMPro10 Advanced Server running on them. Mines a development box, running inside a VMWare instance with Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 SP1 on it, and so not mission critical and working fine now!
  3. Same issue here - FMPro 10 client, FMPro 10 server Windows clients; Outlook 2007 fires up and generates the eMail as expected Macintosh clients; Entourage 2008 starts, but no eMail is created :(
  4. Another thought - The FM server installer also triggers the installation of Java 6 update 7 and Bonjour It may be worth installing these prior to the FMS install, in case its caused by trying to launch these installers. As far as memory use goes, the installer may check pre-reqs, but would normally give an report dialogue than fail. Its quite likely that FM will run in 512Mb, but run slower than a very slow thing on a slow day. The machine here is running W2008, .Net 3.5
  5. Hmm - the message 'This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect' tends to make me think that either the installed is corrupt (unlikely as the extract mechanism should have given errors) or that it is *possibly* dependent on .Net (The only time I have seen the phrase 'application configuration' in this context has been with reference to .Net security Have you got the latest .Net patches installed ? Edit:- As far as running FM in VM is concerned, I'm running FileMaker 10 AS (Technet developer copy) in a 64bit Windows 2008 OS in a VM
  6. OK, I think I have found a solution - albeit not one I think is right. I added a new user to the pics file called 'FilemakerServer' with Data_Entry capabilities and gave it a password I set autologin to this 'FilemakerServer' user and took it off the 'Show under filemaker sharing' tick - so it no longer appears as an avaialable choice in the Filemaker Server list, but still opens when the user opens the main database. Thanks
  7. The main and pics fp7 files both have the following three users 'IPC' - Full Access, same password in both files 'Guest' - disabled 'Admin' - Full Access, same password both files The main file, which is the one users should access has a lot more users; log in in as one of the users that does not exist in the pics file causes the issue. As stated in the initial post, it is not feasible to maintain the same individual users in both databases. If, However, I copy the files locally, I can open the main file with the username 'Jeremy' and it does not ask for credentials f
  8. What I would try in this situation would be to rename the extracted folder 'FileMaker Server 10.0v1" to remove the spaces Move the folder to C: and make the name simple, like 'FMS10' Then run setup directly from that folder. Some installers hiccup with spaces in the pathname, and others hiccup if the file+path length from the root passes 255 characters.
  9. I have a database which the client has decided that they want pictures in. This has quickly taken the database size from 25Mb to 670Mb, so I thought it would be a good idea during the database redevelopment to split out the pictures into a separate file. In the old days of FM3 and FM4, I did this with multiple files quite easily - but I seem to be missing something quite fundamental in FM10. The main database has a lot of individual users, each with their own password. The Pictures database and the Main database have a common credential set - username 'IPC' with a complex
  10. Bah - now, even after uninstalling ESET, FM Pro Advanced, Bonjour and the ODBC drivers, restarting, reinstalling FM Pro Advanced, Bonjour and the ODBC drivers - now I get crashes FM Pro Adv - fine Turn on FM Sharing - fine Turn on ODBC sharing - fine Turn on IWP - errors saying IWP cannot be started Turn on IWP again; says its started, but as soon as you close the dialogue - Filemaker has stopped responding Also tried with IWP 10.0v1a Now leaving this issue until my sanity returns
  11. The AV system is ESET. With ESET disabled (disabled the service and restarted) FM Pro 10 works fine. With ESET re-enabled but the components turned off; it does not work - so ESET does not switch off the bit that is messing up this feature. Also managed to break FM 10 Pro Adv in the process of elimination - so now re-installing it clean,with no AV present.
  12. Hmm - thinking more on this, I did have a FM Pro 10 (not advanced) Trial on this Vista box, upon which the IWP *did* work. I wonder if there are any registry entries pertaining to the trial that is stopping the IWP working on the bought copy FM Pro 10 Advanced I still have a copy of FM Pro 4 ( Grins ), so I installed this on my machine and lo and behold - FM4 can share databases on this machine on the port I wanted to use. I guess I'll call Filemaker themselves and see if there is a reason for FM 10 Pro Advanced behaviour.
  13. I have Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced installed on Windows Vista Business - but I cannot share databases with IWP due to port conflicts. 'netstat -an' shows that the ports I am trying to use are available. I can use netcat to bind listeners to the port I am trying to use, so the port is definitely available. I then added the Filemaker directories to my AV exclusion set, added the FileMaker and FileMakerWebPublishing exes as 'web browser' to my AV setup, with 'exclude' from protocol checking. Finally I tried with the firewall, antivirus and antispyware disabled. Still no joy.
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