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  1. Thanks for you answer. To late to go back and change something that profound in the system now unfortunately. Anyway, I guess by your answer that there are no way to find out what triggered a multikey relationship?
  2. Hello, I have a relationship that looks like this: Direct link: http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/2411/relationship.jpg Basically what these relationships do: - When looking at a Contact (the contact table is named People) on the Contact layout, you can see what Films and Companies he is connected to. - When looking at a Company on the Company layout, you can see what Films and People the company is connected to. - When looking at a Filmon the Film layout, you can see what Companies and People the Film is connected to. Fields named "p_", "f_" and "c_" are multi
  3. How can I make FileMaker open a quicktime that's on a Network drive with applescript? I've tried: [set Variable] $$qt_path [Perform Applescript] Calculation: RAID01:SYSTEM:shotsubmit:test.mov "do shell script open " & Quote("$$qt_path") And: [set Variable] $$qt_path [Perform Applescript] Calculation: "tell application " & Quote("Finder") & "activate " & "open file " & Quote("$$qt_path") Tried several combos incase my code is faulty... but nothing works. I'm going insane... seriously ps. "alias" & Quote("&&qt_path") works to
  4. Hello, I want to user "Perform Applescript" to check if a file exists on our Network. I have no problem to check if a file exists locally on the computer I'm on, for example... this works for me: alias "Macintosh HD:Users:edit:Sites:index.html" However, when I try to do the same with a file that's on our Network I doesn't work: alias "raid01:SYSTEM:shotsubmit:test.txt" I only get: The file raid01:SYSTEM:shotsubmit:test.txt couldn't be found. (Got a Swedish OS, so it might not say exactly that in the English version). The Network drive is mounted. If I go to: iBoo
  5. That's exactly what I meant! I understand how you made the "go to"-scene buttons, but how did you make so for example "In Progress" shows as blue and "Completed" shows as green in the Scenes-table? I'm looking at your script but I can't find anything that controls the colors. My current way of adding colors based of status is very clumsy, it's basically just a colored text-field in the background... and a button which executes a script that puts a colored ASCII in a field for each record. ( Btw here are my screenshots anyway: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/6025/browse.
  6. Oh I'm so sorry for the confusion. It should be Scene1, Scene2, Scene3 etc in my first example, I forgot to change the numbers when I copy-pasted. I can add a couple of screenshots after I'm finished with the design and hopefully that will clear things up a little
  7. Hello again, I tried your "cartesian join"-portal suggestion and it was exactly what I wanted. So the last thing to figure out is how to make each portal record a link to its record. This is the setup: Table 1 - Scenes: Here we have a layout where the user creates a record and enters in all info about a scene. In our current project we have 40 scenes... so that's 40 records. Each record has it's own name, for example: SNOW, PHOTO, DIARY, JUMP Table 2 - Status Overview: Here is the layout we're talking about. At the moment it looks like this ([] = a portal)
  8. Hello LaRetta and thanks for your response. I'm working for a movie company and we want a overview of all scenes for the movies we make. So the plan was to have a table like I described earlier, basically a graphical representation of the progress of the movie. When a scene is finished, it's green... when it's a work in progress its yellow... when it's not even started it's red. I've got the color part already figured out, so I only need to get the table working. It doesn't have to be in the order I wrote earlier, just as long as I get the scenes spread over both Vertical and Ho
  9. I'm trying to get a field to fill up the Layout like this: Scene1 (record 1) - Scene1 (record 2) - Scene1 (record 3) - Scene1 (record 4) - Scene1 (record 5) Scene1 (record 6) - Scene1 (record 7) - Scene1 (record 8) - Scene1 (record 9) - Scene1 (record 10) Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) - Scene1 (etc.......) But whatever Layout Type I choose I can only get it to show the records like this: Scene1 (record 1) Scen
  10. Hello, I need a script that can check if a file exists ie. it checks a path and if the file exists it returns for example 1 and 0 if it doesn't exists. I have a script that does this already, it works great for text-files... however when I tried my same script on .MOV files it crashes 5% of the time (it's always the same files that makes it crash). My script works like this: Set variable: $$path, filewin:/H:/files/quicktime.mov Import ($$path as EXCEL file) GetError If (GetError = 700) Open Url ($$path) End If Basically it tries to Import the .MOV file as a EXCE
  11. How can I replace "_" with "/" in a calculation? Example script: --------------- (Field Value: Document Library::sceneshot = 170_25) (Field Value: Document Library::version = 001) Set Variable [$$sceneshot; Value: Document Library::sceneshot] Set Variable [$$version; Value: Document Library::version] Insert Calculated Result: $$sceneshot & "/" & $$version & "/" --- This calculation will now result in: 170_25/001/ I want to it result in: 170/25/001/
  12. I actually want those "ghost" fields since import gives an error when it finds a file but can't import because of the "ghost" fields and another error when it doesn't find the file. Very useful in my scripts, so good to know how to replicate the bugg. So, Thank you!
  13. I get these kinds of grayed out fields in "Field Mapping" in "Import Records" sometimes, what are those? Direct link: http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/4281/ghostfields.jpg
  14. Hello, I'm creating a script that checks if a file exists. - Both "Import Records" and "Insert File" works. - If the file exists then Get(LastError) returns 0... if the file doesn't exist it returns something else than 0. However, "Import Records" always show an "Import Dialog" and "Insert Text" shows a dialog if it can't find the file. Is there anyway to skip these dialogs? Or some kind of workaround? Or maybe you have any tips on how I could build my script different? Thanks, any help is really appreciated *Edit* Noticed now that "Import Records" actually h
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