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  1. It is necessary in this instance - I think - as I need to keep one copy of the data fixed as a backup. The other one might can be changed. Will my script do the job? I've not found any problems when testing but I'm not entirely sure.
  2. Is it possible to have templates in FM10? Most of my layouts will have a number of common visual features and I'd rather lay these all down in a template which I can then edit, rather than having to make changes to all my layouts every time I want to change something.
  3. Is there any way to do a simple, animated, "Please wait" message in Filemaker? Just the standard spinner device would be great. I've tried using an animated GIF but it doesn't work.
  4. I am writing a script which examines a found set of records in one table and, based on the content of each record, creates a record in a different table. What I want to know is, if I switch from one layout to another and then switch back, does Filemaker remember which found set I'd been working on in the first layout, and the record I had selected? The pseudo-script goes something like this: Go to Layout A [Get to a found set] Go to record 1 Loop Set all fields from record 1 to variables Go to Layout B New record [Create new record based on variables set in ste
  5. Thanks guys! Neither of these solutions is ideal but it's good to know the proper way to do things.
  6. I have designed a till in FM which has a layout containing two portals: one for items bought, the other for payments made. I now want to print this layout (re-themed, of course, but displaying the same information) in preview mode. Sometimes there are so many items in the "items bought" portal that they don't all fit on the screen. I have therefore added a vertical scrollbar to the portal. However, this disappears in preivew mode so I can't see all the records. Is there any way of getting round this problem, so two portals can be displayed in their entirety in preview mode, no matter
  7. Hi John, Thanks for the offer but afraid I can't post a copy of the file: it's commercial work and the client wants to own it outright. Ultimately this doesn't matter to me now on a practical level as I've gone through the project and taken out all the global fields; I just wanted to know what had gone wrong. All we had was a layout with one global field on it. Whenever that was committed by the "slave", it would appear on the host's screen. Similarly, if the slave was editing the field the host couldn't edit it, and vice versa.
  8. The same box is the host all the time. It's very rarely switched off but it is always the host.
  9. The field is set as a global field in the data schema. As far as the networking side goes, we're just sharing the DB from one user to another.
  10. How come when http://it.toolbox.com/wiki/index.php/A_little_about_Filemaker_Globals says That in my project where I have a number of global fields in use, and the FM file shared from a host to one user, whenever the user changes the contents of a global field it is changed on the host's screen immediately? Have I misinterpreted the above?
  11. Thanks Lee, and everyone else who commented. I've now realised how and where to use Global variables in FM and will do so properly in my next project. For my current project (already beyond deadline) the custom functions will be really useful. I just need to clear everything down at certain points so that I know stray global variables aren't going to cause bugs. Thanks once again!
  12. None taken! It is a bit of a weird request. I'm trying to get round some hacky bits of my project where I've used globals and not unset them properly.
  13. Re: closing the file, that's not really an option as I want to clear the globals and keep using the file. I've ended up clearing all the global variables by hand in one script; this wasn't too difficult. Weird how FM doesn't have a script step to do this automatically.
  14. Is it possible to clear all global variables simply? Or do I have to clear each one by hand?
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