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  1. I guess it wasn't, because when I created a calculated field based on the number field and used the getasnumber function, it sorted properly. I guess I thought the act of importing numbers into a number field would make them numbers, but I guess that's now how it works.
  2. I have a number field with values ranging from 1-50. When I sort on this field, it sorts like text, like this: 1 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 There must be a way to sort like a number, no? Thanks!
  3. They are separate text fields. It's as if the relationship between Customers and Orders only looks at the first related order it finds. Calc for Widget A status field in Customers: If (Orders::Type="Widget A";Orders::Status) Calc for Widget B status field in Customers: If (Orders::Type="Widget B";Orders::Status) I have a customer who has ordered both Widget types, yet their Widget B status field is blank.
  4. I have two tables: Customers and Orders. The products that can be on orders are: Widget A and widget B. Each kind of widget can only be ordered once per customer. The order status can be backordered or shipped I need a report or export where each customer appears only once, in a single row, and with a column for each of the Widgets ordered. Like this: Customer, Widget A Status, Widget B Status Joe Customer, backordered,shipped I have tried everything I can think of: o A calculated field for the status of each widget in Orders o A calculated field for the status of
  5. I have a layout that contains 33,466 records. But when I do a tab-delimited export and open in Excel, I get 33,491 records. Not only are there more records than in the source of the export, but some of the records that are in the source are missing from the export! (But represented by blank rows.) I traced it down to records that don't have a corresponding record in a related table. (But then I removed that relationship and it did not make any difference.) Call me a purist, but if I'm looking at a found set of x records and I do an export, I expect to see x records in the export, with n
  6. I have a calculated field that makes up part of the body of an email. It looks like this: "Total new charges:" & $InvoiceTotal When this prints, if the invoicetotal is 79.90, it prints 79.9. If the invoice total is 79.00, it prints 79. How can I get it to always print with 2 decimal places?
  7. Awesome, that worked. I guess I was missing the serial# field to do a proper count. Many thanks, you saved my bacon.
  8. And when I move that calculation up to the preceding summary level, I'm back where I started, with an inflated total.
  9. Thanks, that helps me to understand what's going on, and that may ultimately lead me to the solution, but for now, I'm still stuck. The reason is, I can't just sum the count of detail records because that gives me an average. For example: 11 entries sum to 40.0 hours (11 * 40.0 = 440.0) 8 entries sum to 34.1 hours ( 8 * 34.1 = 272.8) The total I need to get to is 74.1 (40 + 34.1) The total I get by dividing 712.8 by 19 is 37.5
  10. I'm trying to define a summary field that summarizes a calculated field that as part of its calculation includes getsummary on another field. I defined the field, but the result are whack! I have attached the fp7 in a zip and a pdf showing the whacky total regular hours calculation. (712.8 and 600.0) Any help would be appreciated. The accounting department is breathing down my neck! Thanks! TimeKeeper.fp7.zip TimeKeeper.pdf
  11. I have a customers table and an orders table. I want to create an occurrence of the customers table that only includes customers with no orders in the orders table. I have a customerID field in both tables. I added a relationship between the customers2 table occurrence and the orders2 table occurrence. The relationship is a "not equal to" (equal sign with a "no" line though it) relationship. So I expect a layout based on the customers2 table occurrence to include only customers with no orders, but no, it shows all customers. What am I doing wrong? Or what should I do to make t
  12. All of a sudden, the text in the export Field Order text box is very tiny. (FM 6 on Win XP - see print-screen attached). We installed a wide monitor 2 weeks ago, but the problem just started occurring today. Any ideas? (We're not quite ready to upgrade yet, but this might push us over the brink.) Thanks!
  13. I have a report layout that does exactly what I want. See pictures. (The Total Sales field is a summary field.) BUT, when I export this report from Preview Mode, it looks nothing like the Preview. I've tried tinkering with sorting and grouping, to no avail. Exporting to Excel gets me a little bit closer. There must be a way to export precisely what is shown in the preview, no?
  14. I have a single table solution to track feature requests. One of the fields is "Complete". I want to use a checkbox on a layout to allow the user to toggle the value of Complete between true and false or 0 and 1. How do you do this in Filemaker? Thanks!
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