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  1. Personally I think this book is the best Filemaker book I have purchased and is well worth the money. There are tons of exercises that walk you through each step with knowledge check questions at the end of each chapter. I wish I hadn't waited so long to buy it.
  2. Just updating my own question (following the purchase of the Book) for anyone in the future wondering the same thing. The boxed version & download versiosn are completely seperate products and you will not be able to download whioe waiting for delviery of the boxed version (if this is what you choose to purchase). An electronic version of the book is contained on the DVD which accompanies the book itself. So... you get the best of both worlds. My book arrived next day after purchase also :)
  3. Thanks for the reply. I suppose I am only importing into two tables anyway, so what I'm doing is just as easy. I was just trying to think of a way to automate it more.
  4. Dumb question but... Can you join technet in order to "learn" filemaker via the "free" server version without actually owning Filemaker?
  5. I am contemplating buying the Filemaker Training series and am wondering if purchasing the "boxed" package also allows for download also (which would be useful while waiting for the package to arrive), or are they strictly separate items (download vs boxed). Any advantages to either, beyond the obvious?
  6. Hi, I am pretty new to Filemaker so please be patient with me:) My problem - I have a layout which shows multiple records in form view, where each record consists of multiple related tables (Events & Persons). I can obviously type an entry directly into the layout and it populates both tables. So, how do I do this as an import since the import only allows me to import to one table at a time. I am currenlty able to do this but it takes a lot of manipulation since I have to create the data first in the "persons" table in order to get their "key" and then add that key to a new
  7. Fantastic! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out.
  8. Much better. Many thanks Lauren. One other minor problem : I'm using CenterWindow("vertical") & CenterWindow("horizontal") to position the window but it doesn't actually center the window in the centre of the screen as I'd expect. Any ideas on that one? Your help is much appreciated.
  9. I have a solution where I have several "small" master data layouts that I have linked to custom menus. the custom menu runs a basic script which opens a new window, loads a layout and resizes the window. The problem I have is that if my start point is my main interface which has a much larger window size the transition to the new window is pretty jerky. If I have a utility (small) window as my start point the new window works fine. Anyone have any tips here for calling "new" windows of a smaller size.
  10. I'm struggling with importing data where there are related fields to be linked. I have an excel file which I want to import. Each row of the file contains information which relates to an event i.e. Date, place, etc and also information on a related person i.e first name, last name etc. The tables Event & Person are related tables. It seems I can only import into 1 table at a time so how do I go about populating both tables from my Excel file and linking them so the fields appear correctly in my layout.
  11. Ah! Thank you!! I haven't looked yet but I do recall structuring this and then later deciding to do the notes differently, so sounds logical. I didn't figure this was an issue since I hadn't used any feilds from that "instance" on my layout. I did say I was new to Filemaker :
  12. Forgive me if this is basic stuff but I'm pretty new to this. I have a List layout with fields from several related tables. I am able to create records in the layout without problem, however when I go to delete the record I get an error which says "The operation can not be performed because one or more related tables are missing" See file attached. Affected layout is Births:1837. Thanks for taking the time to look. Archive.zip
  13. What I'm really trying to get is almost like a menu or folder system. My idea is to have a main table which is EVENT. There will be various TYPES of EVENTs and each type will be part of a CATEGORY. I'd like each layout to relate to records of each TYPE of EVENT. I guess all I really need is something like the standard layout selector BUT I want to hide the status bar. I was hoping for some other suggestions about how others navigate large numbers of layouts. What are the choices?
  14. I am trying to build a solution which will contain many layouts, some forms, some lists, some tables. What is the best method for navigating through these layouts. I want to have a number of categories and each category will have a number of layouts associated. i.e. a category of Census would have layouts for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 etc. Thanks for any advise you can offer.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to explain is such great detail. You've convinced me that my intial setup of using field values rather than a value list is the best way to go. However, what I don't like is the implementation of how this is managed. First, the pop-up style option seems to obscure a large area of the form when completing it. Secondly, there is no way for the user to maintain a "new" value easily from here. I assume I need to do something to call another form, have the user input the new value in the related table and then somehow bring that new value back to the oriinal in
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