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  1. Thanks a lot for the fix. It's obvious that my databasing skills still have a long way to go and i'm very grateful for all of the help. Thanks Bcooney, Mr.Vokda, BruceR.
  2. Everything is almost working fine except for an issue with subtotals. I can't seem to get the sub totals to work with the values in my portal. My calculation is "sum (chargesmade, charge amount)", but it doesn't list anything in the subtotal. Is there something wrong with the way i defined the fields? Test_Remake_2.fp7.zip
  3. I know what was wrong with my database. I was missing a joined table. I had charge, and product repair invoice table and i was trying to store information where it's not possible. Now i made a charges_made table that can store multiple charges for a single repair no. (what i was trying to do in the first place). In the end it wasn't the way the portal was set up, it was the way the database was set up. I know I am coming off as super-duper noob, but that's because i am, and i'm thankful for everybody's help. Here is the new version of the database, but i can't figure out how to
  4. Can somebody look at this for me? I looked at what you gave me but i can't replicate it or follow it. The portal just doesn't work, so i started over, but i'm stuck in the same spot. The question is how can i add a new portal row with a different record/value. Test_Remake.fp7.zip
  5. thanks for the help, odds are i'm going to have to start from scratch at this. I don't know what happened but i'm going to re-create my tables. I would still appreciate more help/advice if anybody has any.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if FMP10 as an option/feature that will let you input a barcode?
  7. I checked and i have both the create and delete options checked in the relationship one. this is the problem area right here if you could take a look at it, it would be much appreciated. abc_clone.fp7.zip
  8. I created a portal that is supposed to have different values in them but when ever i try to add another one, it replaces the previous one rather using the second line. I am very new to this program and I would be grateful for any help. ex: i want it to show two records that are unique (pre-set from a different table), but it only shows one, the most recent choice.
  9. Thanks a bunch it works the way i wanted it to now. The only thing that's not working right is the totals for a month. I'm trying things sorted my months, is this possible?
  10. Hello, I'm trying to create a database for issue tracking and i can't seem to get subtotals to end up the way i want them too. I'm trying to create lists/records associated with a specific number but it ends up adding them together. example: I have 4 & 5. 4 has 3 journals w/ decimal-time associated with it, 5 has 2 with decimal-time on it. Instead of grouping times for 4's together it subtotals everything together. sql statement should look some what like this select id#, sum(amountoftime), date from table workdone where id# = "4" I believe FMP uses C#, but
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