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  1. does anyone have a good way to line up all the checkboxes that are generated for a field. I have fields with 10 checkboxes in some cases, and they just wrap. Ideally, I'd like a couple columns of fields, but for now, I'll settle for 1 column
  2. I have Filemaker 9 server advanced running on 2 boxes. The main server has all the databases. It's set up to use a second server as the web server and web publishing engine. It says everything is fine. On the second server, I have IIS running and need to set up the PHP assistant options (I think). When I go to launch the Filemaker 9 server, it gives me the message: admin server connection error the admin console cannot establish a connection to the admin server When I try to use IWP and Php Site Assisstant, it works okay. So it's really just the communication from the webserver machine to the master that is an issue.
  3. Does the PHP Assistant make it a lot easier to build web pages that access the Filemaker database than doing this via ASP.NET? Could a novice web programmer develop web pages via the PHP Assistant?
  4. So I'm wondering if / why there are not many people doing this. If I have a FM database and I'm a decent .Net programmer, why not just set up an ODBC connection to the data base and start coding? Are there limitations that FM imposes?
  5. I have decided to try to develop our screens in ASP.NET since the layouts in IWP were not working well for us. So I set it all up with an ODBC connection and seeminly I can access the database from my second server (I'm using the IWP server as my IIS server for now, while I prove out what works). So when I try to select a record or field that doesn't exist, it gives me an error that it cannot find the field or record, so I'm thinking my connection is ok. When I try to access a record that is there, I get an 'out of memory' error: ERROR [HY001] [DataDirect][ODBC SequeLink driver]Out Of Memory How do I fix this? Thanks!
  6. When I view my pages in IWP, it cuts off a lot of the data in the fields. I looked and saw that all the fields are at absolute positions, so I don't think a CSS is going to fix this. Some of the problems are small, it cuts off the bottom 10 percent of the radio buttons. But in some cases,there are whole lines of text that are underneath the next question. In one case, 4 of the 6 radio button selections are hidden under the next question. How can I fix this?
  7. Thanks for your reply. My sense is that as I go deeper into the application, it's having problems due to the fact that it isn't at the 'top'. For example, the left side nav is not in the frame and also whenever I click on anything on the right side (in my form), I get an error because it's trying to access 'top...'. Should I be able to do this, or is this a problem with IWP?
  8. Sorry, I want the IWP window to show in the iframe. The JS is from the Filemaker IWP software. So I'm wondering if there is a way to control that so that the IWP window stays in the iframe.
  9. I have a database that works fine in IWP. However, in our environment, it must be accessed by external users via an iframe. When we place the URL of the IWP page in the iframe and access the page, it looks like the following javascript opens a new window – so what happens is I embed the url into the iframe, but when you access the page the script runs and opens a new browser on top of the main site.
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