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  1. Hi Jaboda, thank you for your answer !!! At the moment the first solution is exactly what I did to solve my problem...I created a new format with a webviewer with the command inside "sip:"&Phonefield. I associated the button call to a script that goes to this format, and as soon as we go on this format the softphone dial automaticaly the number....That was the best I could do. However the second solution to edit the fmu_iwp.jar seems very intersting too, but unfortunately i know nothing about java programming.... Could u please give me a hand with it? Thanks
  2. Is it just a stupid question or really nobody doesn't know how to help? I cannot believe this!! Please help
  3. Hi to all, I am trying to solve a problem that is driving me crazy (actually now there are 2 problems!) I have created a crm web based in filemaker and I was trying to integrate a sort of "click to call", to automatical call the phone numbers in it.. I must also say that I use a softphone like Eyebeam. So when I open a browser like mozilla and type in the address something like "sip:004401144223344", it will open automatically my softphone and will dial this number. So far, so good. I thought was easy to put the command in filemaker ....Not at all !! If you put i
  4. Thanks I understand... Unfortunately I have no idea how to do a batch or a shell script, neither where to get the commands appropriate for filemaker.. Any help please?
  5. Thank you,very useful... I can see, anyway, that from the admin console, user are tracked in real time (you can see them enter and exit), and also,the admin create a log for these actions, even the disconnected ones by brutal interruption.... Do you think is possible in any way to get this data out, maybe through a server script? If yes, how? One solution I think,could be to import the log,let's say every minute or 2 minutes, but I think would be a hell of a work for the server... Other ideas?
  6. I have the same problem. Could you please explain how to do at least this script on the server since I am newbie? Thank you very
  7. Thank you very much for your help... Your solution is ok, but I would prefer something where I don't need to run a script. For example, this database should have a layout were I can see in real time who is connecting. I already have a list of authorized users that can connect...The goal should be something that hilight the name of user when they connect.When the user disconnects the highlight on the name should go back to normal. This is possible with a script...but the problem starts when someone lose the connection...in this case the closing script doesn't run and the user stays logg
  8. Hi, I have a problem that I don't know how to solve and it is driving me crazy. I guess someone had this problem before, but honestly since I am newbie I would really appreciate any help. I have a database mounted on FMServer (not web pubblished) and I would like to have a layout that show me all the users that are connected (name or ip) and also when they disconnected. I managed to get the number of how many are connected at the moment (with function get), but I cannot get name or ip. Anyone can help me to suggest which function should I use please? I tried all the fuctions(I th
  9. Sorry probably I made myself not very clear. I know FM has this function, but this is not enough for me. In fact you said that "As soon as a user starts to edit a record, he "owns" the record, and another user is only allowed to view the record." The big problem for me, is that I don't even want a user to view that record that someone else is editing. How can I make them skip the "busy" records ? This is driving me crazy...
  10. I have a big problem afflicting me since 6 months which I tried to solve in differnt ways but at the end never worked properly.... I hope someone can help me, because at the moment I am complete stuck and quite desperate.... This is my nightmare: I have a database (sort of CRM) on filemaker server to which many users have access at once. The problem is, I would like that when a user go on one record, this record become inaccesible to all the other users and then, when this user leaves the record, the record become again available for all.How can this be done? Can anyone help me with
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