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  1. I can only get it to work if I hard code the .axf file and select .csv from the drop down box, then it imports fine. But the file names I need to import are always different so I can't hard code it and when I remove the reference to the .axf file, then it goes back to the original problem. I don't remember FM9 being this hard..
  2. Ah it worked, without your help I would never have known how to fix it. I've never noticed Inspector before, glad I know about it now. Just had to fix up about 20 layouts/forms but all sorted out. Thank you once again!
  3. Hi, I've recently updated from FM9 to FM13 and since I did this I've noticed the automatic page numbering on my PDF reports looks like this: "Page 1.00" instead of "Page 1". I hope someone can help me coz PDFs with page numbers to 2 decimal places really looks stupid. thanks, chris ps I tried for a few hours to work this out and looked thru the forum but didn't find a solution and I've never had this issue before. I tried deleting and then inserting in a new Page Number Symbol, but the issue remains.
  4. I probably would prefer not to hard-code the file name but I deleted the Import Records step and inserted a new one and it did import the .csv file properly, so from now on I will just have to convert every .axf file to .csv before import which is far preferable to not being able to import at all. Thank you for helping me sort this out! cheers
  5. Yes it is something I do regularly and it's been the same script for about 5 years, always importing fine, so it's strange that I now have to change the extension of the file but I'm willing to try anything to get FM 13 working for me. So, I made a copy of the .axf file and changed the extension to .csv and executed the import script and when the Import Field Mapping box came up it was separating the Source Fields which is great but I had to manually select all of the right arrows so that the Target Fields would become populated. When I continued with the script the .csv file ended up imp
  6. Hi, good to hear from you again! I'm not sure if I'm answering your question but I still have Filemaker 9 on my old laptop, and I put the new AXF file that I want to import onto the old laptop and it imported fine. With both FM 9 or FM 13, whenever I get to the Open File box to select which file I want to import, I always have to select "All Files" in the drop down menu to even see the file I want to import, if i select Comma-Separated Text Files then i can't see the file.
  7. Hi,  Yesterday I installed Filemaker 13 and converted my Filemaker 9 database to Filemaker 13.  Just now I went to use a script I've been using for 5 years and tried to import a text file but it didn't work and the issue is this:  In the 1st screenshot attached you can see that Filemaker 9 used to separate Source Fields into different Target Fields, which is what I wanted. In the 2nd screenshot you can see that Filemaker 13 is not separating any of the Source Fields during the import and is putting them all into Column A.  As far as I can tell, nothing has changed and I'm not
  8. Oh sorry, I just have 1 more question. The formatting is appearing as 6/2011 instead of 06/2011, I found a solution but it's a bit long winded... If (Month( PeriodEnding) < 10; "0" & Month ( PeriodEnding ) & "/" & Year ( PeriodEnding ) ; Month ( PeriodEnding ) & "/" & Year ( PeriodEnding )) thanks
  9. Awesome, thanks Michael. Worked like a charm! I had no idea you could do that. I did -2 instead of -3 because i needed it to reflect apr - jun rather than mar - june.
  10. OK, after having a few light ales and trying a few different approaches I discovered something that works. If I've set the variable of the date I want to change as $DateEnding then... set field: Month ( $DateEnding ) & "/" & Year ( $DateEnding ) seems to do the job...but now i need help with part 2, the calculation of the PeriodBeginning field...
  11. Hi, It's been so long since I've had to do any maintenance on my database that I'm having trouble remembering how to do this, and possibly never even knew how to do this. I want to change a date from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/yyyy format for a PeriodEnding field via a script. I know how to do this as far as in the field in the layout but I then have to export this PeriodEnding field to an excel and therefore I need the date to appear as mm/yyyy in the excel and not revert to the original dd/mm/yyyy. I also need to calculate in a script, the PeriodBeginning field to be 3 months before th
  12. Hi, In my last post the 2nd time I used the word "export" I meant to copy some data from one table to another. so I possibly used the word incorrectly, but... I used TextStyleAdd ( text ; Titlecase ) and it sort of worked but I will also try the Proper() function as it might work better... If I'm trying to export an Excel file, how do I make good column headers along the top row. At the moment I either have the field names as the headers or if I deselect that box I have no headers at all. How do I have good, readable headers? EG if I include the field names as the col
  13. Hi Again. I exported the file to the recipients (by email) and they said that I did in 1 email what it takes others sometimes 2 weeks to get right. I just had another question for you. if on export I want to slightly change a title eg The White Sky (le Ciel Blanc) In this example the Titlecase function isn't working properly as there is no gap between the "(" and the "l" Is this something i can fix with the replace function? Coz I'd like it to look like... The White Sky ( Le Ciel Blanc )
  14. You're quite right, I was sort of doing the opposite to what I should've been doing. Multiplying by 10000 and padding to the right does the job. Thanks again comment!
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