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  1. omg!! I'm not sure how to do this since it was originaly made in fmp5, then put to fmp 6, not fmp 7. Do I make a table in fmp 7 for materials and tonnage. I need a summary field that will calculate the total material ex: A gravel, B gravel,and the prices for them that is relational to a Rates db ex:104-a is A gravel and comes in at ex 5.00tonnage that is hauled for that particular driver. There is a total of 25 of these fields for each driver? How do I do this? The person is long gone who did this so I'm not sure how to proceed. Please help!!!
  2. Ok, so what would be my next step. I'm now using FMP 7? Any help would be great since Im on a time restraint to get this done unfortunately. Thank you
  3. I have 25 fields (text) named Material, Material 2, Material 3 etc. I also have 25 fields that are Tonnage 1, Tonnage 2 etc (number field). I need to find a way to extract specific information in a find request such as "A gravel" from an employees daily deliveries but they may have also delivered B Gravel or Stone dust as well which would be listed in the other material fields. How can I find and extract only the A gravel so I can get a monthly summary of how much A gravel they delivered. I am using FMP 7. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I guess I will just wait until we upgrade which I hope is soon. Thanks so much for your help
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. I did put the actual field name in the "Timefield". It is called Time In field from my database but it still won't let me use it. Should I change my field Time IN to a calculating field or leave it as a time field and use option auto-enter using a calculation? Thanks again
  6. I found in the forums a way to enter time as example 1300 and fmp changes it to the proper time format of 13:00 and what I tried was Replace ( Right ( "0000" & Timefield ; 4 ) ; 3 ; 0 ; ":" )but when I put it into my db it says it cannot find "timefield";4). I am wondering if this is because I am using FMP 6 although I can't really see why it shouldn't work. Any help on this? Thank you
  7. oooooo thank you. I will try that at work tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
  8. The Min and Max work but not the trailing summary. I must be doing something wrong or perhaps it is because it is in FMP 6?
  9. Unfortunately yes, I am using filemaker 6 and NOT by my choice. I actually gave my boss my own fmp6 because he only had fmp5 and I was not designing a db on that and refuse to "give" the company my fmp7 or 8 that I have. I have only now convinced them to buy a secondhand copy to at least get to 7 or 8 which has been a constant battle and also to get a server version as well. I can't even begin to tell you the nightmare I have importing/exporting from a copy into the main db because other people are using it one at a time to enter their work. : Sometimes employers just don't have a clue.
  10. Yes there are quite a few records with mileage that was either never entered or entered incorrectly so that was the reason for the first and last which I do know to be correct. What I ended up doing was exporting those fields to excel and doing a calculation to get the summary of them from there until I can find a solution to get the grand trailing summary of the other summary fields. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Great! That's what I did and it worked. Now, I need to create a Trailing summary but when I try to create a field for that using the Getsum (max and min) fields (because they are already a summary field, it doesn't show me the proper calculation. Obviously I am doing something wrong here hahaha. Please help
  12. Hello, I am trying to find a way to grab the information from two fields and calculate only those begining and ending fields from a summary report. Example: The report is based on the following fields; Date field, Unit#, Kilometres start and kilometres finish. My search criteria is based on january 01 to December 31 for each of the unit#'s (there are 250 units)and sorted by Unit#. I want only the Kilometres start at the begining of the report and only the Kilometres ending, last record in the report for the specific unit#. Now I need to calculate it so it shows me the total mileage for th
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