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  1. Hi, this is related to my previous post about converting from Filemaker to a Word document. I was able to generate a pdf of the file and then convert that to a Word document. Now someone wants to edit the file and they don't have Filemaker, so they want to do so in Word. First of all, the Radio Buttons I used in Filemaker cannot be modified or deleted in Word, and when adding new items I can not use similar radio buttons because I can't copy/paste the existing ones or create identical ones in Word. If I was able to get my hands on a full version of Acrobat, would I be able to make
  2. Thanks, I tried exporting from Filemaker, but it just doesn't retain any of the formatting, regardless of what form I export to. I can easily create pdfs from FM, is there a way to convert a pdf to a doc outside of purchasing a full version of Acrobat?
  3. Thanks, but does anyone know of any free solutions to this issue? I am only a resident and will only be working here for another 2 months.
  4. I created a form for work in Filemaker, but now the people at work want it in Word so that they can edit later; I want to export the data but keep the formatting that it has. Filemaker does this when I save as a pdf; is there a way to convert the fp7 or pdf file into word and keep the formatting?
  5. I am developing a form that needs to have multiple lines exactly 10 cm in length; is there a way inside of Filemaker to specify or measure the length of drawn lines?
  6. I tried using the suggestions given to me, and none of them worked, I am trying to add a superscript to a value in a value list, and filemaker is not letting me format those values.
  7. Does anyone know where I could get copies of version 9 without licenses?
  8. Thanks, how do I make individual radio buttons?
  9. I have created a managed list that has radio buttons, but I want them oriented under the values not next to them; how do I change the orientation of the buttons to do that?
  10. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it
  11. rufuspoofus


    Does Filemaker support superscripts and subscripts? I am making a value list that has squared values and want them to display normally not with ^2.
  12. I looked on the Filemaker website and they seem to only be selling 10. Is there anywhere where I could purchase 9 (preferably multiple licenses) and apply an educational discount?
  13. Does anyone know where I can still purchase Filemaker 9 pro with and use an educational discount?
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