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  1. Thanks to everyone's replies. Jeep Watson: while your sample clearly shows your method works, I would like to have the thumbnail images be separate so I can group them closer to the other fields that are related to the particular test. For this reason it eliminates Rods suggestion. Dwins: I like the method you have described. I've tried to do it, but cannot make it work. I have the script open the new window and open the layout that has all of the scans stacked on top of each other. However, it shows all of the scans with the one on top being the one on the topmost layer in the layout setup. My script has the command: Go To Field [TESTS::vf_scan_R] I've also tried naming the object of each container field and then used Go To Object, but that doesn't work either. I can't seem to get the right scan to come to the top. What am I forgetting? Thanks!
  2. Here's some background info: I'm an optometrist making a patient exam data solution. Some patients will have tests done via specialized equipment and the data is printed onto paper. I'll scan the results (2 tests on each of left and right eye, thus 4 tests per patient) and import them as jpgs into the patients record in Filemaker. I now display each test as a small "thumbnail" image in a one of 4 small container fields on the exam layout. I have each container field set with a script trigger that when the field is clicked (i.e. OnObjectEenter)it runs a script to open a new window with a full size version of the scanned test. With me so far? Yes? thanks! Here's my problem: I know how to do the above using 4 separate layouts, each with the proper container field, with the script calculating which layout to open. However, in the interest in making a "cleaner" solution, I was wondering if it is possible to do this with only ONE layout. I guess it would somehow tell which container field to display in the new window. Thanks for your ideas. Joe
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