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  1. Essentially a pop up window with a list of search results to quickly choose which record to go to. Currently, the script doesn't handle the find, only the results. I'm wondering if there's any way to trigger the script before the find is performed by filemaker.
  2. A text field, in which you can only enter data into in Find Mode, also has a script trigger: "OnObjectExit", which is also only run in Find Mode. When you hit Enter/Return, which is run first, the find, or the script trigger? I have a feeling it's the find, as I'm having problems avoiding fm's error when no records are found. Thanks, Unkynd
  3. Hey thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it. I've tried the beta and I'm very happy to say it works perfectly. No jibberish in the field and no crashing. I've run it 5 times in a row now without incident. Whereas in the past I'd start to see problems on the 2nd run, and usually a crash by the 3rd or 4th. Thanks for such an making such a great plug-in!
  4. I understand this is a bug with the plug-in, where Moo_FolderList() will work first time, and subsequent tries returns a garbage result or crashes FM completely. So my question is this, is it possible to set a script to restart the filemaker environment after each time you use this plugin, while avoiding the user having to log back in everytime? Or would I be better off just achieving the same thing with vbscript rather than using an unstable plugin? Thanks:)
  5. comment, are you serious??? 9 min response time. That's amazing! Thank you so much. I'm surprised at how simple the calculations actually are. You're a fm genius! Thanks! fmphysio
  6. Hi all, I've got two short questions I've been thinking about recently which I'd like to run past some of you more experienced members. 1) Case(), if more than one case is true, it will display only the first. How would I calculate if I want to show all that are true separated by "/"? e.g Case(3+3 = 6; "A"; 2+4=6; "B") -> "A/B" 2) Is there a way to repeat a "word" based on another field's number/count? e.g. number = 3, text = "word word word" Thanks! fmphysio
  7. Thanks Vaughan, I've been there and tried that.. and relationships just don't seem to cut it for what I need to do. I've managed to get around this problem of an infinite loop by enclosing the script inside an If statement, where are particular global variable ($$AllowFamilySetup = ""). Then just before the script does it's finding, i.e. switching records, I tell it to change $$AllowFamilySetup = "No". Then at the end of the script I reset $$AllowFamilySetup = "". This doesn't stop the script from triggering everytime, but does stop the script from executing the finds befor
  8. I have a script to get some values upon loading a Record. However, within the script are a few Find()commands. Is there a way to stop the trigger from going when ever the script finds a record? I just want it to load a record, run the script, find the records grab the values required and come back to the original record. Currently instead it loads a record, runs the script, finds a record, runs the script again, etc... Thanks B)
  9. :B Very sorry. I went over it and over it. I found my problem. I had set a script trigger event to grab and name the exact same variables everytime a new record was loaded. Please delete this thread, as it does not add any value. Sorry B)
  10. I have attached the script that I have so far. Essentially, I'm trying to set a lot of the fields from the current record and store them as global variables so other records can access them (related fields, but using a calculation field). Logically on paper this should work, but getting this into filemaker is proving difficult for me. The only variable that actually works is the $$RecID. All other variables change. What I mean is that I could start on a record with PatientID = 284, and I want $$PatientID = 284, but afte the script finishes (last line - show all records), the
  11. Was just about to start looking into doing exactly the same thing, I would love a copy if you're still getting notifications of this threads activity. Thanks!
  12. Yes totally, your solution would work for a "self" relationship. I could name someone "child or son" and that would be fine if I was looking at this relationship from the parent's perspective or even viewing the family as a whole. But what if I wanted to look only from the grandparents perspective? I want it to change to say "grandchild or grandson". With only a single word attached this wouldn't be possible. However, what I'm doing now is assigning "100" to the first person added to a new family number, and then adding relationships relative to this person, using an e
  13. Ahh yes, sorry.. **together**.. I did agree. Currently all patients are in the same table, it was only a passing thought that I might want to list family members that aren't part of the patient group, and I think for *that* I would want a separate table? I dunno, I easily confuse myself. I did try the whole join table between the two patient tables, and I could never get it to work as well as I'd wanted, I think I was always missing someone in the family. Although first trial of the calculation fields was successful. I'm using the following fields to figure out the rel
  14. Thanks comment, yeah i totally agree with keeping them separate. I'm not sure if this is the correct term, but I have a self linked table? Basically two tables Patients and Familys, linked via the FamilyID field, and a duplicate of Patients called Patients_Patient_family linked to Patients via the FamilyID field. Then the portal displays related records from patients_patient_family, and all patients with the same FamilyID are listed. I'm starting to make some headway on this problem. By using a script trigger on loading the record, I can set a global variable to the
  15. Thanks Søren for a quick reply. Yes this does work to a degree. You are assigning a "role" to each patient, such as this person is the "mother or father". And this would work if you consider you'd only ever view the family as a whole unit. This may have to be the compromise for the time being. I was hoping to take this a step further and rather than assigning a predetermined "role" to someone, have it figure out the 'role' based on which patient record is open and the related records seen in the table. For example, Dave is John's Son. If I viewed Dave's family, I would
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