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  1. I have exactly that already in place, I have the main parent table containing the customers data that links to 2 daughter tables containing the service and weekly info. I do have 2 separate portals that allow me to view the content related to the parent record. This works good when we need to view the individual table data. However, there are times when we need to quickly access both tables to see what dates we were at a particular residence. It is very helpful when talking to customers on the phone. I am just trying to temporarily view the data at a moments notice. I could combine the d
  2. I would like to be able to connect two similar tables together for the purpose of viewing the data in a common portal. Background: I have a main table that houses customer data. (i.e. Name, Address, Phone Number, Primary Key) There is a second table that houses service call data. (1.e. Date of call, type of call, work performed, tech, Foreign Key) This table connects to the main table via Primary key from Main table. There is a third table that houses Weekly maintenance data. (i.e. Date of maintenance, Type of maintenance, tech, Foreign Key) This table also ties back to the ma
  3. The carriage returns needed are typically in the middle of a line of text and typically require multiple returns. The reason I use the carriage returns is to allow for ease of reading by the reader. Let me give example. The text that drops down looks like this: Pool has algae. Clean, check and balance pool. Treat algae. Check over all. So I go back in and separate the lines to make the text easier to read like this: Pool has algae. Clean check and balance Pool. Treat Algae. Check over all. There are many different lines of text I can select, so one case d
  4. In my data base I use quite a few drop down lists to save time in typing. There are several places where I have to go back in and hit enter to create proper paragraph separations. My question is can I put a carriage return in the line of text that will allow for the appropriate spaces in my text box?
  5. Once I plugged everything in it worked great. I greatly appreciate all the help I have been given. It works as I would like it to and I have a deeper understanding of other tools I have available to me through file maker.
  6. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I have imported and executed you script to a the letter. The problem I have come across is the script only sorts the clients who only used us 1 time in either year. I have reworked the script numerous ways and still cannot produce the outcome I am looking for. Any Ideas on how to extract the data I am looking for?
  7. CustomerId is a Primary key from another table called customer list. I use this key to connect the 2 tables. The records I am sorting are the types of calls we do for these customers. For example in the spring we open the customers pools and in the fall we close them. The types of service we do for these customers is designated by field called Servicetype. So in order to see who added and who dropped I set a field called datescheduled: to */*/2008...*/*/2009. I also set a field called Typeofservice: to Opening (or Closing) depending on what I am looking for. The result is all the "open
  8. That only omits the extra records also. Lets say I have 4 records with the customerId of 2. When Filemaker omits multiples it leaves the first record with the ID of 2. I want to omit all the records with the ID of 2, not just the last 3. What I am trying to accomplish is to obtain statistical data. Typically I run a list of a certain type of call (Record) and then export them to a spreadsheet, where I sort the list by the foreign key (CustomerID). I then have to manually look and delete doubles per say. The left over records let me know who used that service last year and not this year an
  9. My question is how can I omit all multiple records with the same ID? I have a table that has service records in it. The records spans may years. I would like to drill down and see who was added and who dropped. I would like to simply pick a date range (I.E. 01/01/2008...12/31/2009) and omit all records with a customer ID that come up twice. This way anyone left over either dropped us last year to this or was added this year. Omitting multiples only removes the extra records and leaves the first record.
  10. I apologize for my long delay in getting back. I recently had some knee surgery and the meds limit my ability to do very many logical things. Both suggestions are great! I have really pushed to incorporate either one into my database. But I get stuck trying to jump in and incorporate either one. Can you make a suggestion. The guest account has full access. The place I am trying to put your suggestion is in the layout Dave's book II. You will see the label Mike brown. That is the label I am trying to light up. I would like to illuminate the label versus using a portal due som
  11. I need a very similar solution to what you have provided. But, instead if having a special layout that I could go to, I would like to view the unused people in the layout I assigned them in. For example. If I were to take your layout tasks and view as list, and add a header, I would then add the Labels Adam, Betty, Cecil, David, and eve. Then as you are assigning the tasks, if Betty and Cecil are not assigned that day their names are highlighted to let you know they are not used. Employee_tasks.pdf
  12. My overall question is: is it possible to conditionally check all records being browsed.
  13. My problem is I have a list of records and I want to create basically a alphabetic summery field that I can then us to illuminate a tech's name. I basically have a list view of my records for that day that have the the techs I have assigned to them. I then would like to illuminate a simple label using conditional formatting to indicate that a tech has been put on a list that way no one is forgotten. I have can light 1 to 2 names at a time if you are on the record that contains the name you are looking for but ignores all other tickets. I would like to simply compile a list of all techs i
  14. My situation is: when I try to print to a paper size other than letter the paper size automatically switches to letter. I have tried it both in a script and manual print modes. No matter what I do the printer switches to letter. I have even tried changing the entire print setup for FileMaker over to the smaller paper size. Once ok is selected the message box disappears and you go back into print setup it is right back to letter. I need some help.
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