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  1. Currently i have a two file setup: Layout.fp7 and Data.fp7. but I need a way so when I open the layout file it lets me browse for the data file, because I have different sets of data, how could this be achieved?
  2. I want to always see the text entry boxes on the current record, even before I select a field. is this possible?
  3. In one of my scripts i perform i find but i need get the number of records found in that script because i need it for an equation. anybody know how to do this?
  4. I have a dollar value field and i need it to always have decimals to the 100th place at the end of the number. How can i achieve this?
  5. I have a layout that lists all the email addresses that clients in the system have and you can use find mode to further narrow things down but when it comes down to it i need a way to just select some emails using something like a checkbox. Because now you can only use finds and then a script that composes an email to the found records. but is what I'm looking for possible?
  6. Then no results display and the layout is blank.
  7. I have a report that lists payment categories and all the payments in that category and then has a sum at the bottom. I would like to create a layout/report that shows the same thing except that it does not list all the payments in the categories. like this: Payment Cat 1: (sum of payments) Payment Cat 2: (sum of payments) etc.. any ideas on how to accomplish this?
  8. i fixed the whole problem. it was happening because the client id was related to client data through another table that contained incomplete records. thanks for all the help
  9. everything seems in order its just not displaying the full names. after looking further i found that its not just the newly entered data, its seems to be random. ive included a picture of the problem in table view: the second column is being pulled from the other table client data(the table in the picture is payment data) so this all leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the storage setting for these fields. any other advice? thanks for all your help so far
  10. ok ill attempt to explain.... i have two problems with new clients. first off thought i have to tables, one called Client Data and one called Payment Data, they are related through the Client ID(a unique number). So the first problem is getting the clients full name to display in the payment data layout, their is a field in client data called "Full Name" its a calculation: First Name & " " & Last Name now this displays fine in the client data layout but when i make a call to it in the payment data layout it wont display for new clients(added after the import) now the sec
  11. I have a global field called gCurrentClient. And after it is used in a script i want to unset/nullify the field. Does anyone know how to do this?
  12. I imported my whole database from MySQL and everything works, except for the new clients I've added to the database. The new clients seem to have issues with the fields that deal with calculation. Any ideas?
  13. thanks, with your explanation i finally got it to work. i did actually end up using clientids instead. thanks again
  14. I am setting up a database for a small doctors office. Right now i am working on the client management table and layout. I would like to create a dropdown menu that has all the last names of the patients ans when you select a patient it switches the current record to that patients record. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
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