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  1. Not sure how to say, post is done, but I'm talking to several people and will decide on one in the next few weeks. thanks to those who contacted me, and sorry if this is not the way to end this type of thread
  2. This is a relatively small job (I think). I work at Acadia Divinity College and we are running a database of information for our students. We would like to hire someone to help us make the database look nicer and be more functional. Based on the info in the database we create reports and statistics. The database has already helped us a lot as compared to the previous system, but we are fairly certain it could be doing much more for us and we need someone with expertise in the matter. I have some more information I can give, but will reserve that for further correspondence with those who are
  3. Ahhh. Okay, I will make this switch right away and let you know how things work out.
  4. I've emailed the person to update to 9.0.3. I'm confused by "how she opens her file". We're pretty basic users— she opens the drive and double-clicks on the database file and it pops open in Filemaker. We aren't using Remote Open (not sure what that is). The file is kept on a shared server (we are on a university campus). So I do not access her computer to use the database, I open it from the shared server. Likewise for the one other person who uses it and for the main user. Is there something I am misunderstanding? How could she be opening a copy of the database?
  5. Right, sorry. Not the FM server, it is just a basic database that only 2 people access, and only one of those with frequency. FM 9 is the program. No patches or anything like that. Just the basic install of FM 9 (Academic edition, if that matters). She runs Windows XP.
  6. The filemaker database file is on a shared server, which is where she opens the file from (and keeps it open usually for the day). Does that help?
  7. Thanks again for the help. Well, this is a bit of a conundrum. I am the tech guy at my college so I'm looking in to this issue. I decided to install FM to my system so that I can work through this issue as I talk to you here. There is NO issue on my system either, but there IS on the PC of the user who actually maintains the database. What happens on her computer is that the Program field info will show in the status field of the list view. When you click on it, it will show the status info below, like so Status field: MDI (program field info) --------- Auditor (status field
  8. Hi Mr. Vodka, thanks for your willingness to help. You are right, there is no Program field in the list view, but if you click on the status field, it shows underneath the program field info. That is the problem— the program info is showing up in a different field. Second, I have no idea what a related join table is, but we are doing statistics, so anything to help this would be great. I'm actually looking for someone to help us with all of this— we want to hire a FM developer to help us optimize our database for our uses. If you know someone, I'd love to talk to them. thanks
  9. oops, I accidentally started a new topic when I meant to reply with the example database. Thanks to whoever merged them
  10. Okay, thanks again for the help. I have attached an example database. ADCexample.zip
  11. When you say a copy of the file, do you mean you want the whole database? It is private info so I couldn't do that. How can I give the info you need? Regarding the status, a student can be more than one thing at a time. For instance, they may be an alumni but an active auditor, so they would be both. Or they can be a p/t student who also audits, etc.
  12. We are running a relatively simple database to manage information on our students. We have a number of fields, but 2 fields are causing a problem, and they are crucial fields for us. The first is Status- this is a checkbox group (current, active, alumni, etc). The second is Program (MDI, NPD, BTH, etc.) In a list view both of these fields are used for calculating statistics. The problem is that the Status field is not being populated with the information it has for each record. The information on status is sitting, hidden, in the program column. So for a record a student is listed a
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