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  1. So here's the tech involved: Microsoft SQL 2014 FileMaker Server 14 FileMaker Pro 15 IIS/PHP The project involves submitting information via web form into the SQL database and then viewing it in a FileMaker portal connected to the database via ODBC. I've done this before, no big deal... except one feature that was thrown at me. Ability to submit images through the web portal and view them through FileMaker I've done image submittal via PHP before, but viewing them in FileMaker is a new one. I've seen some stuff on converting the images to BASE64 then
  2. I got it to work, here is what I did. I uploaded a test database with nothing in it but a script to send a simple e-mail, and ran the script in the scheduler successfully. I then modified the current script to send a test e-mail, ran it in the scheduler successfully. I then modified the current script again and loaded some custom dialogs displaying the variables used to make sure they were sane. - they were. I then loaded all the settings back to what they were and reran the script through the scheduler.... successfully. I have no flipping idea what happened, but it is working now.
  3. Upgraded to FM Server 13.0v9 x64, same error.
  4. I've done further testing by opening telnet on the FM server and testing a raw socket connection to the exchange server successfully. I've also installed the client on the FM server itself and ran the script successfully. It appears to be an issue with running this script on the server schedule.
  5. ​It is an internal Exchange server.
  6. ​Yes, they are on the same internal network.
  7. The environment is Windows Server 2012, with FileMaker Server 13 v1x64. I've got a script that sends out an e-mail to multiple recipients. When I run the script through FileMaker Pro 13, it sends the e-mails with no issues. However, when I schedule the script to run, it fails. I had the schedule send me an e-mail after the task was done and got this: Looks like 1506 is an SMTP error, but I have no idea why it's failing when it's ran from the server but not from my local desktop. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Solved: The "server.pem" file in the client's FileMaker directory was missing. Called FileMaker to have them send me a copy.
  9. Fairly sure the issue is localized to the one client, but I cannot find the issue. This one newly installed client cannot see the files remotely hosted on our server, the other 400 clients have no issues. I've confirmed it is this one PC my installing NMAP on the client and scanning the server and it can see port 5003 open on the server. I've went even further and installed Wireshark on the client and filtered the server IP and tried to connect, wireshark showed no communication with the server, not even an attempt. This leads me to believe the issue is 100% with the client, but I don'
  10. I'm not sure what is going on, but here is the situation. I have a FileMaker Database residing on a FileMaker 10 Server I'm using FileMaker 11 Pro Advanced client The FileMaker database is linked to two SQL servers via two different ODBC connections Both SQL databases have 1 table each in the relationship database with a relationship setup between the two The relationship works, evidenced by setting up a layout with related fields displayed and populated Now, here is the problem. Searching in these related fields (in number 5) doesn't seem to working. I've tried searching with w
  11. Changing when the serial number generates and committing the record on field exit may do the trick, thank you!
  12. This is FM 11 Go, but I'm not sure if newer versions correct this or not. I've got a form that is filled out via FM 11 Go and the file is hosted on a server, therefore an internet connection and a VPN tunnel is required in order to use the form. Also, in this form I have an auto-entered serial number being used and tons of validation before the record is saved. Now on top of all of this, it has been brought to my attention that gaps are appearing in the serial number, and the appearance of gaps is frowned upon by auditing. The behavior is easily reproduced by doing the following:
  13. I have two databases. One is production database that has live data in it (we'll call it Database A), and another database that is a test database that I'm developing new features on (we'll call it Database B ). I take a daily backup of Database A, and attempt to import the records (Using the File -> Import Records function in FileMaker Pro Advanced) from a table into Database B. Database A, in just one table, has 37,357 records, after import is finished, FileMaker says 59 records were skipped due to errors. No other details we're given. Not sure what is causing the errors with thos
  14. I'm trying to validate some container fields via script, and I've noticed that using the IsEmpty function doesn't seem to recognize signatures, as does the equal or not-equal sign operator. How do I check for signatures? *edit* Disregard, it was programmer error. This post can be deleted.
  15. Vanilla, as-in I don't have any plugins. We have a test environment we plan on using, I just need to know what to look for, I'll find the threads you mentioned above.
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