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  1. I'm sure some of you wonderful calculation guru's will be able to help me easily with this! Yes I am trying flatter you all Here's the situation. We have a customer who pays up front by a PO number, 10 call outs to repair printers. Now, in order to see how many they have left, I would like next to the PO number field to add a field that counts all the records with the same value. Is this possible?
  2. Thank you very much guys! Will have a look into this during the christmas holidays when its quieter. Again, thank you for your help! B)
  3. We've had an issue with our invoices. At the moment, when we do an invoice, technically if we wanted we could edit it at a later date. Is there any way of locking fields AFTER they've been created? It wouldn't be every field, only the line items (which are done via a portal from another database, and who the invoice is to. I'm not sure how to do this? Cheers ps If this is in the wroing section, can a mod please move it
  4. Hi guys, Tried to have a look about the site to see if I could find anything, but I cant. Right, here's the story. We have 3 FM10 licences. One of the PC's (PC A from now on) has crashed and wont reboot from its hard drive. I can, thankfully, use the hard drive from it as a slave on another PC (PC . Now, is there anyway of getting the licence from PC A's hard drive? PC B already has filemaker installed on it, so i assume that that version of FM will open up? I'm not really into computers, but can do more than the basics if explained to me. I should also explain, that at present, we can't get access to the store room where the licence keys are stored. Any help will be much appreciated!
  5. Thank you for your reply. I don't deal with databases day in day out, only when we need to update things so i might have a few more questions. I got it working by the way, so thank you again :
  6. Hi everyone, i've tried to do a search on here, but can't find an answer. I want to create a field that is global and shows today's date. I can get modified, and created, but I can't find a way to do it so it updates as soon as the day changes. The rest for this is i have some calculations I'd like to do, to show how many days since a service call has been logged. Thanks in advance!
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