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  1. nevermind...i finally figured it out... for some reason the $recid was becoming a string with an extra space appended to the end of it...so i just had to force it to be an int to fix the problem thanx for the help if anyone even looked at my posts and tried.
  2. let me reiterate that I am 99.9% sure that my code works fine. The only thing that changed is that I deleted some records manually via Filemaker Pro, and that somehow set my recid off.
  3. BUMP I've been at this one problem for like 6 weeks... does anyone have any ideas?
  4. I zipped up a few of the files from my database. The error occurs when trying to edit a record (from browserecord) Archive.zip
  5. BUMP Let me know if this still doesn't make sense.
  6. oops...did not mean instant web publishing just PHP
  7. I had my database up and running via instant web publishing and I could create and edit records and everything seemed to be working fine. Then I deleted all of the (test) records I created (I deleted them straight from Filemaker Pro), and since I deleted them, I can still create new records, but I can no longer edit them. I get Error 101 - Record is missing I used the files created by the PHP site assistant (and did not edit editrecord.php). The only thing I think that has changed since it worked earlier is that I deleted the records directly from the database using Filemaker Pro.
  8. I followed your instructions exactly and still get error about communicating with web server
  9. newnoob


    OK, I have now tried to update to server 9 so I can use PHP, but when I try to connect to the erver I get "An error was encountered communicating with the server." And when I try to do the Web Server Test I get "Web server test failed. Return code = -1" I have tried everything I could think of to no avail... any suggestions???
  10. newnoob


    I would prefer to use php as I do not have any experience with xml, but the site assistant (as far as I can tell) only outputs the .xsl files. I can view and edit records perfectly, but I cannot for the life of me get the add record functionality to work. Everything works except for the addrecord. I attached a zip of everything in a post above if you want to take a look at it. I think that the error is most likely in addrecord.xsl.
  11. newnoob


    BUMP Any advice or criticism would be greatly appreciated. I have spent dozens of hours working on what is most likely a very simple error.
  12. newnoob


    I should also add that the error message that comes up is Error 102--I have checked all the fields and they all are spelled correctly. This is my first experience posting in this forum so let me know if I am being too vague, etc.
  13. newnoob


    I used the Site Assistant to generate XSL for my database, and the auto-generated addrecord.xsl always errors out when I click on the add record button. I am new to XSL and everything I have tried has not worked. I have attached all my XSL files plus a copy of the database with fake data. I am a little over my head right now and would really appreciate any advice. username ITS password test fakedata.zip
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