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  1. Indeed that auto sort functionality you mention is great, but here's how these records are sorted: some users input info about different events in a community, suppose they input in database 35 new records today, it's similar to news management; then an editor choose arbitrary 20-25 records to be printed in a report, the rest is ignored for printing but still stored; then from these 20-25 records, editor choose the printing order in report; How does he/she choose this order? as far as i can see is arbitrary, i think it's like a newspaper editor choose order for printing news, based on experie
  2. I've seen that Filemaker 10 has a sorting functionality for developers when defining tables and fields; it's a column with a double head arrow which can be used to do arbitrary sorting by drag n' dropping. Is this functionality available for developers to be used in own apps? I have a layout based on table view and i need to make arbitrary sorting of records available to users. The option i'm using now is a numeric field for sorting, users put numbers to sort records as they want and Filemaker sorts according to this, but it's a bit difficult if table has more than 35-40 records.
  3. I need to put some info in a text field but it must be formatted as a table, but i don't need to create database tables for this info, is just a matter of showing it in a given order. Example: Suppose is a database of a girls club. the important information is about members, but they can add personal food recipes in a text field. We don't need database structure for ingredients, or kind of food, or preparation time, only the field to store the recipes each member wants to add. i've been told these recipes field should have two column format or maybe table format like if it were a Word
  4. Thank you very much for your help. I did what you said and it works fine now. I'm trying to do it this way because this app is intended to store events information, then i use portals because i want a layout for final users which let them to store typed info, images and speech, but i have separated tables for typed info, images and sound, typed info is parent table, sound and image are children, and portals are intended to populate these tables without separated input for each.
  5. I have a layout with two portals, each one shows information from its own related table and users can insert files in both, one portal for images and one for pre-recorded speech. I defined a script to insert files in portal 1, it works fine, but when I assign this script to a different button for inserting files in portal 2, it always points at first row in portal 1; each one has 3 rows, so I thought that possibly filemaker saw portal 1 (rows 1, 2, 3) and portal 2 (rows 4, 5, 6) as two pieces of the same portal, then, in script for portal 2, i used the script step "Go to portal row (4)" which
  6. Hi Vaughan, i think the best solution would be flexibility, i would like to change the wheel bahavior because my application is for windows users, i think the most of us are used to scroll long pages in different applications using mouse wheel, so this functionality should be controlled by developers and they could let users to change it based on account privileges. I have a script i use to insert files in container fields, i'd like to disable right button functionality on those fields for certain users.
  7. Thank you very very much, however, i still think would be great to be able to select customized behaviors for mouse wheel and buttons, just thinking loud....
  8. Hi, it's me again.... i have fixed the problem; i did something wrong when defining script steps; filemaker can play mp3's from portals created from child tables, bur only if they are stored as a reference to the file, if mp3 is embedded, it won't play from portal. i'm still looking for a way to keep an option grayed, when i'm inserting a file, i can define to store as a reference using a script, but i want the option of "only store a reference" grayed to be sure nobody has the chance to switch it. I have a new question; Is there a way to change the mouse wheel behavior? right now, i
  9. hi, i hope you read this, how can i do the solution you gave? thanks in advance
  10. Hi everybody, I hope i can get some help with this. I have a layout which allow users to insert sounds, or images, using a portal but, while images seem to work fine, when i insert mp3 files, i can't play them using double click on them. i was having trouble with this, but i found solution in this very forum, RIGHT HERE ; my own previous solution was to use a join table, (many sounds in one article - many articles can have repeated sounds from other articles), the problem inserting one different file in each different instance of the sound container field was very similar to that exposed
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