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  1. Thanks for the tips Wim. The event logs on the DC were indeed showing errors. I've been talking with the technician who deployed our Domain and FileMaker server system. Turns out we have two machines serving as DCs, and the groups weren't propagating between them properly. When the groups were manually created on both DCs then FileMaker's SSO worked as it should. Now we just have to get our DCs in order, but that's for another forum (and the technician we contracted to do it in the first place). Thanks for the help everybody.
  2. I've taken a step forward, having successfully logged into my database using Active Directory credentials and SSO. Unfortunately it was by changing the FileMaker account group to 'Domain Users' (definitely NOT with [Full Access]). So at least I now know my problem lies with our AD groups rather than syntax or binding problems. I'll be turning to our IT contractor for some help now, but perhaps the following picture will show something amiss to those here familiar with AD. This highlights the group I want to authenticate. The 'Domain Users' group I logged in with resides in t
  3. An excellent tip indeed. In fact I already have a script of this very nature as per your suggestion to others on this forum. Unfortunately, I've yet to get domain credentials to log me into anything in FM, so the script hasn't had a chance to show its utility on this problem (it's gotten plenty of use elsewhere.)
  4. That was one of the first things I tried, along with including the 'Organizational Units' (folders?) from Active Directory. I didn't have any success, but may have switched the slashes or similar. MYCOMPANY in this case is our domain, which the 'whoami /groups' command includes to distinguish them from the client machine's local groups. Looking closely at the FM8 tech brief, the domain name appears to be excluded when calling an external group for authentication, which is why I went back to simply 'FMGraphcs' for my original example. 1) I am not involved with the FMS and DC
  5. It is unchecked. I'm prompted for credentials every time I open the database on both platforms. This is intentional on the Mac side, having denied FileMaker Keychain access for testing purposes. On the PC side, well, part of why I'm doing this is to get SSO working. In either case, I can only log into accounts specified directly in the database. None of the databases local accounts have names that overlap with domain users. I've noticed on the Windows machine it auto enters my domain long name in the 'user' log in field. I'm not sure it means anything, as it works with neither t
  6. I'm trying to implement external authentication via Active Directory for our Macs and PCs with 'Single Sign On' for our Windows clients. I've tried to closely follow the FM8_server_auth tech brief but domain accounts aren't yet working. I've tried to authenticate from a Mac not on the domain, but using domain credentials when prompted, and from a PC logged into the domain, both fail. All machines are on a local network. Some clients are on FMP8, though my test machines are using FMP10. Our Server: Windows Server 2003 sp2 FileMaker Server Hosting FM database: 'Mydatabase
  7. Thank you. Yes, if Omits are always ANDed there is no reason to split them into multiple requests looking to get an OR. Simply using FM's natural AND in a single request makes sense.
  8. Thanks. That looks pretty awesome, I'll check out their demo.
  9. Hmm, indeed, for some reason I thought request "*a* *b*" wouldn't find "ba". Thanks for pointing that out. Perhaps you can help me with this too. It seems that FM has [OR] via 'New Request' and [AND][NOT] via 'Omit', but no unadorned [NOT]. 'Omit' always constrains, so [OR][NOT] is not an available search. Let's say I have three fields, 'Name', 'Day' and 'Done'. I want to search for: [NOT]Tom [OR] [NOT]Friday [OR] [NOT]Done In FM I might expect: First Request - Omit Table::Name Tom Second Request - Omit Table::Day Friday Third Request - Omit Table::Done D
  10. I understand that there are many avenues for failure in trying to recreate the search tool, but there a few features I'd like to have (though I may not need), that compel me to try. 1) I don't want the search process or its results to take the user away from their current record or 'location'. A bit like Apple's Spotlight, not the 'as you type' aspect, but that it's always available and never takes you away from your data. 2) I'd like the user to be able to search most fields without showing them most fields. e.g. some kind of dwindling lists. 3) I'd like value lists during sear
  11. I'm trying to better understand complex searching in Filemaker 10, specifically if and how it maps to Boolean sets. Let's say I have a database with 20,000 records each with one field containing a random paragraph of text. How would you suggest I search that field using the normal search interface for arbitrary combinations of values. For instance: ("*a*" [AND] "*b*") [OR] ("*c*" [AND] "*d*") Or: ("*Super duper*" [OR] [NOT] "*b*") [OR] ! Or perhaps: ("*Young*" [AND] "*Tom*") [XOR] [NOT] "*Fred*" Producing Boolean operations is oddly wrapped up in 'New Record
  12. Hello, I'm new here, let me know if this question is out of place. My company has an order tracking database. I don't use much of it, except its 'Time Tracking' table, which has an interface poorly suited to my needs. I've been given permission to create a separate database to design my own interface as long as it adds little to no extra work for the DB admin. My DB will have no real data, it's just an external window to 'Time Tracking'. 'ORDERS' has a script, 'Submit Time', that adds billing codes and costs which are updated occasionally by the admin. I would like to execute that
  13. One more little thing. I've made a note of how far away I have to scroll before the bug manifests. It's related to how many records I can actively see in list view. If I make my window very small, and can only see 3 records and then scroll the active one 4 records away from view, fields in the header and footer from that record will exhibit the bug. When I expand the window so that I can see 10 records, I must then scroll the active record 11 steps out of view for the bug to show. Its becoming more clear to me that this is mostly a rendering bug, data is not being corrupted as far
  14. I'm having the same issue I think. After I scroll away from the active record in list view, if I select a field with the mouse, in either the header or footer, display of data in that field blanks to white (no mater the fill attributes). I can still modify data with the keyboard, but the field stops responding visually. If I use the arrow keys while in the field the display of data will refresh, but I still can't use the mouse to select anything. Interestingly, if I have the field set to display a 'drop down list', it always forces the active record into view. This apparently allows the
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