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  1. Ah -- that also explains why buttons I've hidden from certain AccountPrivelegeSetNames using this technique still show up in find mode. I just did one using the tab panel method. Works great, thanks!
  2. Has anyone done this with a one-row portal set to filter when Get ( WindowMode ) ≠ 1 ? I'm trying something similar this way, but it doesn't seem to work -- nothing is hidden in find mode -- and I'm wondering why.
  3. And here's my post on that issue, if anyone's interested: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/79951-php-and-relationships-with-separate-files/
  4. Hi, I'm building an application that receives user-submitted data from a php form, then emails a receipt to the user and a report to an address outside the organization. The emails get sent by a script called from php on the form's submit page. For one of the emails, some content and the recipient's address are stored in a related table in a separate file. Both the application doing the emailing and the separate file with the addresses are on Filemaker Server 11 and both are enabled for php via the guest account. The problem is that any data, including the recipient address,
  5. Thanks all. I ended up opting to call the script from php after the form submits, which works fine in and of itself. Unfortunately, one of the email addresses it sends to is in a related table in a separate file and it doesn't seem to be able to pull that data in (works fine in the client, just not in php). That's probably for a separate post, but I'd love to hear any ideas on it. IdealData, I can't say for sure about the script getting interrupted, but that's why I have my script loop through looking for unprocessed records rather than just process the current record. If the scrip
  6. Hi, I'm using a script to process records submitted via a php Web form -- it sends a receipt to the submitter and sends a report to certain recipients outside the organization. The script starts on the last record and moves backward until it runs out of unprocessed records. Since I'd like the emails to be as instant as possible, I've set up a server script to execute it once per minute, all day long. I don't feel great about this solution though. Is an every-minute script as brief as this one likely to cause worrisome load on the server? The other option I would pursue
  7. Hi! I'm developing a form in PHP and am wondering if it's possible to use a value list that uses only related values in one of the Web fields. The form includes a field for the type of service the user is requesting. In the database, a separate table contains vendors, each of which provide only one service type. I have a relationship between the request table and the vendor table based on that service type. I want the user to select a vendor or vendors from a checkbox set/value list that includes only related values based on the relationship. The user would select a service ty
  8. Thanks for this -- I've been chewing on it all afternoon and will look some more tomorrow. Unfortunately, my account names aren't constant, but I may be able to manage it.
  9. I'm wanting something like this: CHECK Account1 Account2 Account3 #12345 $100 $50 $75 #6543 $60 $75 $25 Totals: $160 $125 $100 It might be that the account subsort in your first example would do it. They're just kind of married to this view from how it's done in the existing system. My view does have the advantage of compactness, and individual checks wouldn't appear more than once.
  10. I've been chugging along merrily on a solution to track payments to our accounting department, but I seem to have hit a wall. Hopefully it's not a dead end! We receive payments from customers and need to track the multiple line items that a single payment can cover so that the money gets distributed to the correct accounts. I've got a table that contains information about the receivable (check #, total amount, date received, payer, etc.) Another table contains the accounts with their account numbers and descriptions. And I've got a join table called (perhaps confusingly) "payments" which
  11. Hi, We're developing our first PHP app using an existing database on Server 9.03.326. It's generally working well, but for one problem. The application is a simple form submission built with PHP Assistant. The PHP is running on a separate Web server from the Filemaker server. It's just an addrecord.php-->confirmation.php. Everything seems to be functioning correctly, but intermittently, it returns "Error is Null" in the browser on form submission, with no record making it to the database. Usually, going back to the form in the browser and resubmitting is then successful. The
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