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  1. I have an employee database that shows records for three different types of employees. I'm trying to create a script that shows a list of each employee type on different layouts. Scripts are not my strong point and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I don't know what I did differently, but it suddenly started working. Probably something to do with my relationship graph. Thanks so much I'm all set now!
  3. Yes. I set-up DeparmentID field (foreign key) in my Employee layout that has a drop down menu that shows a value list from my DepartmentID field (primary key) displaying values from the DepartmentName field. But for some reason its not transferring over to the Department Layout portal I set-up to display all the employees in that department.
  4. I initially thought it was a one to many relationship but in FileMaker it in the relationship window it shows a many to many relationship. I have used DepartmentID as the fields I use to make my relationship between the Department TO and the Employee TO, but when I'm in the Employee layout and I select a department, it doesn't show in my portal in the Department layout.
  5. I'm now having another issue. I have created a Departments table in my database. When I try to create a relationship between my Employee table and Department table it gives me a many to many relationship and doesn't let me pull information from the employee table. How can I fix this? I know that I need a join table for many to many relationships but I cant think of a feasible join table.
  6. But, if I just have it as a field how do I separate different employees to different layouts? Also, not all of the fields are the same for the employee types. For instance, I will need to track contract limitations for contractors and not for employees, or start and end for interns and not employees.
  7. I currently have an employees database that holds information containing employee information, departments, office locations, and managers. I need to segregate the employee information by type of employee such as full-time employee, temp employee, contractors, and interns. I want to be able to create layouts for each type of employee and also be able to create an entire list of employees. I'm not sure if I should set them up using different tables and relationships for each one or not. Any suggestions on how I should go about this?
  8. Hello, I'm working in a database I just created that has 4 tables: Employee, Managers, Departments, and Office Locations. This is my issue: - I create a new employee record - This employee is also a manager - I would like to have a button that will create a manager record with the same Last name and First name as the employee I'm entering Is this possible? I came up with something close but its not quite there: If (Manager? = Yes) Go to Layout (Manager Form) New Record/Request Set Field (Empl: LastName; Mang: LastName) Set Field (Empl: FirstN
  9. It worked! Thanks so much for everything. I used Cazito's calculation and your trailing advice and now it works! Thanks so all the fast responses! You guys and gals are AWESOME!
  10. I can't see a trailing space after the < field. But how would I get rid of it any way?
  11. I tried Cazito's way with the calculation and it still resulted with spaces in my labels. Any other suggestions?
  12. Sliding doesn't work on merge fields unfortunately.
  13. I'm having a issue with creating regular US address labels. These are the fields I have and how they're formatted: <> <> <> <>, <> <> The problem is when I preview my labels there are blank lines within them because the Address 2 field is blank. Like this: Jane Doe 123 American Way San Francisco, CA 94400 How can I fix this? Is there a way I can only show the field if it has data in it? Please help!
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