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  1. This is what works 100% for me. Not sure why "go to record [first]" is necessary? but without it it doesn't work.
  2. The reason I ended up needing the "All" option is to be able to show ALL amateur athletes, or all pros. I've figured it out using probably way to many script lines - I'll post it when I've got it working 100% so you guys can show me how to do it much easier. Thanks so much for your attention though - it really does make life WAY less frustrating to get good advice like this.
  3. yeah - funny - I implemented the script and then realized that I needed to be able to see them all. Sorry! I'll try your if no records found script.
  4. Awesome. Both of these last two solutions are great. BEAR: Question for your find script - How can I add an option to show ALL records? What I've done is use your script and added radio buttons (I removed "New Record/Request" because it was only using one of the two fields to perform the search - without it uses both fields and works like a charm). I assume here that I will need an If/Then line in my script? Thanks again.
  5. Not sure how to go about this but.... I have a DB of Athletes that compete at various levels, both men and women. I would like to add a way for a user to select A) Pro or Amateur and Men or Women, and then show only records that coincide with those selections. Ideally one option from each category would always have to be "on" so that it would never show all records. I have a "gender" field ("Men" or "Women") and a "type" field ("Pro" and "Am"). Anyone want to point me in the right direction? Many thanks.
  6. gtag

    simple xslt Q

    so I used: and that appears to have worked. Without xmexl it doesn't work. does that sound right?
  7. gtag

    simple xslt Q

    and here is a graphic shot of each outline (the xml's)
  8. gtag

    simple xslt Q

    ok. here's an example of my stylesheet: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?> 0 and here are 2 XMLs. Notice that there is one more folder level on number 2. #1: ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 9F8005E8-25F1-4178-B133-C04DD9EA6998 add SCENE_04 3B4C5EFC-CD7A-401C-BF82-33DF06FB1D86 add 0008ZD #2 ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> F27341D8-63C8-433E-932
  9. gtag

    simple xslt Q

    clarification: is there a way of writing the XSLT so it knows to look inside of any "bin" or "children" tiers so I don't have to continually open my XML and figure out how many folders deep the XSLT needs to be.
  10. gtag

    simple xslt Q

    MY XML structure looks like this: xmeml/bin/children/bin/children/clip bin/children is repreated because items exists in a folder (or bin), which exists inside another folder (or bin). Sometimes the path is "bin/children/clip" anbd sometimes it will be "bin/children/bin/children/bin/children/clip" is there anyway of doing this that will allow me to use one stylesheet for these different variations?
  11. gtag

    Populating DB

    I seem to be having issues - if you remove all installed software, all uninstalled entries in computers layout disappear? BTS_MASTER_DB.zip
  12. gtag

    Populating DB

    I'll dive deeper into your database but at first glance it appears this will help me get going - many thanks! I'll switch to auto-entered id - thanks for that tip too.
  13. gtag

    Populating DB

    the application is to create a database to help manage video assets. Ideally, I'd like to use the Clip Log, or detailed descriptions of what is on each clip, to assist in creating a first draft of a documentary. In other words, the Clip Log contains records of the pictures or words contained within each clip, as identified by Time Code and Tape number (combined they comprise the primary key for this table). So for example record 00112130410 (tape 001 at timecode 12:13:04:10) is a shot of a boat. Record 00112131020 is a shot of a car. I want my first shot in the scene to be the boat but I
  14. I have a little project that I could use some expert help on. The project file is here - you'll see I've got a few tables and a few records. I want to be able to populate the String table with select records from the Transcription table. Can someone help me get started in the right direction with this? Thanks in advance! Grant CLIP_DB_copy.fp7.zip
  15. great. thank you a ton for taking some time to help me. One question on this mod; Does the global field you used in the SURFERS layout that allows me to pull up each record have anything to do with the other TOC's you put together (the one that connects surfers based on wave size)? Is there any kind of dependency there that I don't yet see? Thanks again. I know how elementary, and probably even wrong, my database is but I'm just cutting my teeth here on something fun while I figure out the foundation of FMP. So thanks a ton for taking some time to help a rookie out.
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