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  1. I'm sorry but I am not catching that. Please bear in mind that I am new to FM and trying to figure out how to code the buttons. Can you be a little more specific with your explaination? Thanks
  2. Is there anyone who can help me with writing that bit of code. That is exactly what I want to do, but I can't figure out the specifics. Thanks
  3. Yeah, that is what I want to do...but the problem is that I don't know where or how to script it. As I said, I can't figure out the where's and how's and such of the code.
  4. Hello again. Here's the deal...I have one form, user inputs order#, date, etc. Order# is passed to another form called OrderEditForm where you need to add customers. I have a button to go to CustomerTable...here's where the problem lies. Once I get to CustomerTable, if it is a repeat customer, how do I let the user select the Customer and pass that CustomerID back to the OrderEditForm (for population of that form), or if it is a new customer, add said customer to CustomerTable? I can't figure out how to make the CustomerTable selection pass from one layout to another. Is it one
  5. After my last diatribe, I had an epiphany whilst driving and thinking about this post ^. I, of course, was making things WAY too hard!! My wife (VB, SQL, Java, etc programmer) and I (previously MS Access) are used to making a form and a corresponding table to store that data input on said form. When I got home, I switched from FORM view to TABLE view (which I had disabled by the way) and BLAM...there's my info. No wonder no one could understand what I needed... Sorry to waste so much of your time on this. I'm sure I will be back with more stupid questions to confuse everyone. Until
  6. RingSizes_Form--has checkboxes for sizes Size0, Size3, ...Size13. Also, there is a field at the top of the form in which they enter the product number and up should pop the product description (ring name, i.e. Treasure, Timeless, peekaboo) and whether or not it is in stock (in the form of a single checkbox for each size Data from that form is stored in RingSizes_Table in the form of boolean, straight yes or no. That is all that table is for is to track whether a particular item # is available in a particular size. 12 or so columns labeled Item #, Size0, Size2, size3, etc. When I
  7. Yeah, this is way more complicated than it has to be. I'm not trying to move the earth...I just want to use checkboxes as data entry tools, have the data stored on a table, and later (maybe a month, maybe a year later) when I go back to look at the same form, I want to data to be recalled to said checkboxes (either to leave them alone if there still is inventory, or change them). Searches, i think will only be done on the table, and even then I can't think that I would even do a search at all...I haven't gotten that far. Also, as I said above, this is not the only reason to use checkbox
  8. Thanks for the help. I think I understand what you are saying there, but I still need to know how to use these checkboxes for elsewhere in the database. Same deal...how do I check the box on a form and have it store in an associated table. Then when that information is recalled later, how to keep the checkbox checked according to the data.
  9. The table that I am referring to is just for sizes. Available sizes (from my supplier) change all the time and I want to be able to track which ones are currently available. I do not carry inventory so I need to be able to see what sizes are available from my supplier and I will be using this information on my order tables, etc. But, you are correct in that I am tracking inventory with checkboxes, just not my inventory. The "Sizes" form will only be used if a particular size becomes available or unavailable if it was previously available. Hopefully this makes sense.
  10. I am putting together a database to input orders. I can't find help on how to format checkboxes to get them to show the correct data in both a data input form, or the associated table. here's the deal: I have a table storing data (yes or no) and a form for people to enter the data. They have a field at the top of the form in which they enter the product number and up should pop the description and whether or not it is in stock (in the form of a single checkbox for each size--size0, size1, size2, etc.) using the associated table's data. There are 12 different checkboxes on the form...
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