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  1. I'm having trouble getting my head around this for some reason... In my solution my client has employees that confirm info, qualify a lead and then send an email out to the sales team. Recently there has been some bickering about who's lead is who's... I'm looking to instead of sending a mass email (salesteam@blahblah.com) i need to send out leads to individual sales people on a rotation. So if there are 5 sales persons it would send the first one to the first sales person, etc then the 6th lead go to the first sales person, etc. Upon closing down for the day, the next day would
  2. I was with these guys for just about two years, My credit card on file expired in april... On May 11th I called in and gave them my new one and they wouldn't prorate me for the 9 days of suspended service. Remedial logic depicts this as unfair, the "boss" wouldn't even get on the phone with me. I have brought my solution over to to Triple8 and they have been great. Move your dataaway from these crooks immediatley!
  3. got it! built table with relationships.. works perfectly.. thanks for all the help
  4. both of those replies are a bit beyond my current knowledge... would someone be willing to walk me thru it step by step?
  5. im trying to get my solution to generate pricing off of three separate fields and I'm stuck. ex. If ( Package = "top 120" and Number of TVs = "1" and DVR = "no" ; "30" ; "" , If ( Package = "top 120" and Number of TVs = "2" and DVR = "no" ; "37" ; "" )) that returns "too many parameters" ex. If ( Package = "top 120" and Number of TVs = "1" and DVR = "no" ; "30" ; "") , If ( Package = "top 120" and Number of TVs = "2" and DVR = "no" ; "37" ; "" ) that returns "an operator is expected" if done properly there would be 24 different "prices" generated from the combin
  6. great that worked like a charm... the phone numbers now match.. thank you eos. what is my next step for the purge. the only way i have come up with is to import the customer list to the prospect table, do a find for duplicates and delete all found records?? seems there would be an easier (without having to import) and hopefully a bit more reliable way?? please advise
  7. i didnt know how to search for this question or which forum to place it in... im sure you guys will move it... this may be a bit remedial but i cant get my head around it. i have a table of potential prospects that have yet to be contacted. my client sent me an xls of their current customers for me to remove from the prospect database as to avoid a cold call to them and looking stupid. looking to match or cross-reference by phone number, street address and/or company name. my tables phone number field data has just 10 digits throughout and the customer list's phone fields have pa
  8. i would like to reopen this conversation.. a few years later lets talk FM12 and 13 options.. there has to be a more stream-lined process
  9. i having trouble getting FM to dial on google voice i can get it to my SIP Softphone thru windows, i can get it to skype with this : "callto://" & "+1" & Browser::Company Phone does anyone know of or can figure out a one click solution for this?
  10. laretta thank you first off... im looking to stay much simpler... just looking for some help in the date functions of calculations. is there a way to add (+) time in the calculations? ex i already have a creation date field set up in the auto-complete calculations i want something like this : Creation_Date + (90 days) ------------------------------------------------------------ the end user is below novice in all computer areas... simple simple thx
  11. trying to find a way to auto-enter a future date upon creation example: client not only wants to track a creation date of the customer record but also wants to contact them in 3months and then again in 6 months my thought was to have auto-complete fields set 3 and 6 months out and then have a log on script remind them off a range of those date fields in case it happens to land on a weekend or holiday have a radio button for yes or no as far as have been contacted and then omit in the search any better thoughts or could someone please explain the date/calc function a little fu
  12. Im wondering if it is possible to have a link in an email that will send a windows user to a specific record number in filemaker or IWP. Logic tells me not... but what do i know. I can not change the start up script in this solution either. Please post either way so i can stop my brain on this one
  13. worked like a charm.... thankyou mr vodka
  14. ive seen it done before in FM3 years ago and i cant figure it out. Im simply looking for a script to enter a call back date 2days out automatically. ive tried everything and cant get it (// + 2) doesnt do it... lol please help
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