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  1. In several tables of our solution there are records being created that have something like, "com.prosc.jdbc.JDBCUtils test d81e5f35-4f7c-4c53-92c1-bc32e3700094" in every field. Today I found 3 tables with collectively 150 records like this... this has been happening on an irregular basis since mirrorsync was implemented several months ago. Is this coincidence or something someone has seen before?
  2. I am having issues in installing ALL 360works plugins on Filemaker 13 server. I am trying to install a current download of the portfolio licenses so that all will be there should I need them. In one case, FTPeek, I need it right now and so this is why I am posting here. In all cases I am getting the following message. ERROR enabling 360Works_FTPeek.fmplugin pluginnFMSError=NoSubscriber. Furthermore, server always says "Not Loaded" in the Plug-in name column and I cannot save. Please see the screen shot attached.
  3. Hello! I have a new OSX Server and my server side script that uploads via FTPeek has stopped working. I have isolated the script step down to the actual ftpeek_upload function step.The script works when running from filemaker pro as it uses the get(documentspath) for a path. I seem to recall some type of OS tweaking that needs to be done to allow FTPeek to work but am now sure that is the issue.
  4. Will the Plastic plugin process ACH transnactions or can one use something like FTPeek to send a file to a bank (assuming they have some sort of API)? does anybody have experience with this?
  5. David Here is my current script step If(Left ( Get ( HostIPAddress ) ; 2 ) = "63";SCSetBaseURL("");SCSetBaseURL("")) Here is the error that is returned. Unable to connect to Verify that the port number is correct. For standalone usage, the default port is 8020. For tomcat deployment, the default port is 80. ... not sure what this means. I am using the server plugin... Does it suggest that I should open port 8020 on the router? As always thanks!
  6. David Thanks for your response! I tried the following in my "On Open" script that sets the base URL (IP addresses are not real) If(Left ( Get ( HostIPAddress ) ; 2 ) = "63";SCSetBaseURL("http://63.456.80.63:80/SuperContainer/Files");SCSetBaseURL("")) This does not appear to work as it returns "error". I beleive part of my problem is that setting the base URL is part of the registration and could be locked down to the original server IP address. Ideas?
  7. Several months ago I purchased supercontainer. I then loaded supercontainer to my server and implemented it in a solution for an art gallery. They have since decided to go with their own server and so several weeks ago I installed supercontainer on their server and took it off mine. A quick call to 360 works seemed to give me enough information to move the directories and files to the new server. I installed supercontainer and Inside the LAN I can see the images as I changed the supercontainer link to that of the internal IP address of their new server. However, I can not see it remotely. I as
  8. To all that have replied I am a little embarassed... The problem was that there were no records in the found set and so that it can't put a value in a field if no record exists... a "duh" moment. Sorry! :
  9. I have a script that brings up a dialog box. The dialog box features a single field, an OK button (in Default position) and a Cancel button. The default button will not work. When pressing it nothing happens. The dialog box does not close. However, when using the cancel button, the dialog box does close.
  10. It is a straight import from a spreadsheet. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if there is something else going on that just happened to take place during the import.
  11. I have a database on FM Server 9 with FMP 10 where filemaker hung when two users tried to import (using a scripted import) at the same time. It was not simultaneous but within seconds of each other. I have never experienced this problem before and can't find anything in the Knowledge Base. guess I never though about this being an issue since they are in two different sessions. Is there something I don't know about FMP 10? Am I missing something?
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