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  1. Jump on click

    I was experiencing this after upgrading to 12 I think. Anyway, what I found was that if my field borders were set to less than a full point it was causing objects to jump. For instance I had fields that were set with a border of .25 ( hairline ) . When I changed them all to a full point it fixed the problem. May not be your situation but something to check for maybe..
  2. Problem with File Path Variables

    You'll want to set the variable to the entire path and then enter just the variable $$marinaDir = "filewin:/C:/MarinaPro v17/Marina.fp7" Open File ["Marina"] (Marina File Path: $$marinaDir )
  3. unrelated locked formatting

    Nice. Hadn't tried that. thanks
  4. unrelated locked formatting

    Filemaker 16 got me with this one too if it's what I think it is. I had several fields that were formatted as a button as previously mentioned. In FM15 I could select the field and change the data source and such. In FM16 the options were grayed out and unavailable. What I realized as mentioned was that the field was now grouped. The easiest way I found is to right click the field and choose Arrange > Ungroup. I do find this annoying as I have to ungroup to make any changes and in doing so I lose my button setup. After the change I have to reformat as a button again. I often use some pretty complex script parameters so I need to be sure to copy them before I ungroup so I can replace them. It's not a big deal but less convenient than previous behavior.
  5. FM 16 Variable Repetition limitation change?

    I created a little custom function some time ago to allow me to set variables on the fly with dynamic variable names and repetitions. So to address my problem I just need to have the set variable script steps that are affected use this function to set the variables using the same repetitions as before. It simply wraps a Let function with Evaluate. The custom function is simply Evaluate ("Let ( $$" & ~var & "[" & ~rep & "]=" & Quote ( ~value ) & ";\"\" )") Parameters are ~var ( name of the variable ), ~rep ( repetition ) and ~value ~setVarByName ( ~var ; ~rep ; ~value ) So I can set my set variable script steps to something like this ~setVarByName ( "Back" ; Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ; GetLayoutID ) I've tested this and it works as expected.
  6. FM 16 Variable Repetition limitation change?

    The post on TechNet says 17 digits but I count 18. Am I miscounting or are they. Lol! Regardless, it was pointed out on that post that only the set variable script step shows the limitation, meaning that a variable set with a Let() function can set the variable with the repetition as desired. Let ( $$LONG_REPETITION[9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999] = 10; 1 ) I think that make the most sense for my fix. That way I only have to adjust everywhere the variables are being set and where they are being referenced can remain the same. I haven't tested it myself yet, but will tomorrow..
  7. FM 16 Variable Repetition limitation change?

    So here is the issue simplified which had nothing to do with code ( Get ( windowName ) ) after all. Variable repetitions in FM16 appear to be limited to 18 digits. If more than 18 digits are entered it will use the last 18 digits of the entered string whereas FM 15 and prior did not have this limitation. This throws a big monkey wrench into my works as I use the technique of "Bucket Variables" as I now recall it being called in several techniques that I've developed and use on a regular basis. Not only do I use code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) but I also use Code ( record::ID ) in many places to set a variable to an individual record. Ugh! Now to start checking through my solutions to find where this is going to bite me. I would certainly welcome any suggestions for a work around for unique repetitions since I'm loving the new features of FM 16 but have to adjust all my files to be able to use it...
  8. FM 16 Variable Repetition limitation change?

    As a follow up. I set a variable $window to Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) and then entered $window as the variable repetition. The value of $window shows as 11600115001010008400101001000011100099 but putting $window in the variable repetition shows as 101001000011100099 And as I'm entering this post I just realized that the perameter shows as the last 18 digits of what the value in $window Well, that seems to be it. The Variable parameter seems to be limited to 18 digits and it uses the last 18. I entered 11600120001010011600032001140010100103001100011100108000320011600115001010008400101001000011100099 as the variable repetition and the result was 101001000011100099 as the repetition Is this expected behavior?
  9. I have been using a navigation technique I developed back in FM12 and have used successfully in 12, 14 and 15 that utilizes global variables to track forward and back history. In order to make it multi window friendly I use Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) as the variable's repetition number. When I updated to FM16 the navigation script failed. While investigating the failure I found that Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) as a variable repetition in FM 16 resolves different than it does in FM 15. I created a test file and a script that set two variables as shown below. The name of the window is codeTest Here are the results in the Data Viewer of both FM15 and FM16 As we can see the Variable repetition result is different in FM16 for code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) and different than the result in the variable value... I am on Windows 10 I've tested on both local and hosted files with the same result. ( Unfortunately this was not the actual failure I was looking for. In the script in question the global variables do not get created at all in FM16 which appears to be a different issue. Still investigating.. ) Can anyone confirm this? Or has there been any other strange behavior when setting variables reported? Also, now what? Thanks Ron codeTest.zip
  10. "Name: " & Table::Name & ", " & "Category: " & Table::Category & ¶ & "Type: " & Table::Type Table being whatever table the field is coming from or if it's in an auto enter calculation where the text field is in the same table "Name: " & Name & ", " & "Category: " & Category & ¶ & "Type: " & Type
  11. Thanks Comment. I was able to use GtAsCSS to detect styling. I'm experiencing a strange behavior now though. When I apply a text style using TextStyleAdd ( Middle ( Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionStart ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionSize ) ) ; Bold ) the highlighted text becomes Bold as desired. Then with the same newly bold text highlighted and using TextStyleRemove ( Middle ( Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionStart ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionSize ) ) ; Bold ) The Bold styling is not removed. However if I select the same text and include one or more preceding unbolded characters it then removes the Bold style.
  12. Is there any way to detect if formatting is already applied? For instance, if highlighted text is already bold I would like to be able to unbold the text? Trying to approximate known text editing behavior as much as possible.
  13. Insert Calculated Result losing focus

    And there it is. Thank you
  14. I'm working on a merge letter type interface. I have a list of merge field choices in a portal next to a text field. I would like to be able to insert into the text field when clicking on a button on the portal row. But I just realized when clicking a button in a portal it pulls the cursor out of the currently active field since I'm actually selecting a related record. Thus Insert Calculated Results will not work to insert the merge field name at the current cursor position. Any suggestions on how to work around this issue?

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