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  1. Years ago I got away from Popup menus purely because of the unappealing visual aspect. Going back to filemaker 10 it was an ugly experience. It has improved over the years but still not a fan.
  2. I got away from this for a while but It still remains unresolved. After rewriting the find script again to remove the constrain found set, there was no change. The situation still remains 2 locations running copies of the same solution with different data. Each location has one person experiencing the issue out of 12 or more that use the system for the same job working from the same layout. For the 2 users in question, when they run the find script it seems to find the record in question and then filemaker crashes and when it is reopened the record in question is gone.
  3. The user in question has knocked off for the day, so I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. Thanks
  4. In a way yes. The table the layout is based on is a join table for sales leads. The join table joins the lead record to a set record. The leads are assigned to sets in groups of 100 and those sets are then assigned to a sales person. When assigning the set it actually puts the users ID in the set record and loops through all the lead assignment records and puts the user ID in each one. So the records are all assigned to a user. The find script runs the search and up until earlier today it would produce a found set and then do another find request to constrain the found set to only those with t
  5. I am at my wits end with this one. This has been occurring for select users for a couple months. We have two locations running the same file. Each with it's own copy of the file on it's own server. This is happening a couple times a day for one out of 20 users at one location and once in a great while for one user out of 12 at the other location. I have a layout with a scripted find over multiple tables. The user enters the find criteria into a global field and fires the script by clicking a button or hitting enter. When the search executes it appears to find the record being searche
  6. Still baffled by this. Ran a recovery on the file, no corruption detected. I had hoped the process rebuilding the indexes might help. Put the recovered file on my development server and the results were the same. The relationships produce results when opened on my local machine but fail when hosted.
  7. Took the same file and put it on a development sever that I have set up and the results were the same as on the production server. The relationships did not return any results. So it appears that it is working on my local machine but not working when hosted on either server.
  8. I am working with a table of 1.5 million records. I am using relationships to isolate records from that table based on multikey fields that contain a list of the IDs that I want to access matched up with the primary key field of that table. There are multiple relationships to access and group the records needed based on a multitude of criteria but in short the problem is this. Those relationships were working until last night when I was working on the system and after a few changes all the relationships to that table based on the primary key field stopped showing any results. Even with the mos
  9. Sound like Go To Related Records to me.
  10. I purchased the plastic plugin yesterday on behalf of our company. I have successfully deployed and registered the plugin and have been able to integrate the scripting, table and fields from the demo file. So far it has gone very well and I am able to process credit cards with authorize.net successfully. Great product!! However I am having some issues with processing electronic check transactions. Using the same API credentials that I am successfully processing cards with I am receiving an error message "The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is in
  11. Thanks. I'll give it a try. And I whole heartedly agree. Network issues are very difficult. In the last couple months since I have been providing remote access to this system I have gotten reports a variety of different experiences from different users in different locations. It's so hard to trouble shoot any issue when I can't reproduce what the user is reporting from my own location.
  12. User 2 reported this afternoon that she was able to open the interface file from the main file and it came up as it should. User 1 as of last night was still getting Table Missing on the Main file. Can't access the Sales interface file without having access to the main file so he get's no where. He will not be able to try again until tonight. Scratching my head..
  13. In this case the data file is the main file that is already open. The UI file is opened from the data file. The Main file is a self contained file that I have been working with for years. I recently developed and added the Sales file as a UI file that uses the main file as a Data file.
  14. Let me revise my response to bcoony. The UI file is opened from the main file by firing a script that then runs an external openning script in the UI file. Not sure if that makes a difference but it's not using an explicit open file command as the question asked. Do you think it would make a difference using an open file script step instead? rwoods I've double checked the External Data Sources and both files are connected to each other as External Data Sources using the relative paths ( file:CAMv1 and file:CAMv1_Sales ). The files do reside in the same folder on the same sever.
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