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  1. Unfortunately I still have not found a solution. We are still living without the preview functionality.
  2. Just got to the end of the day and was able to get everyone out of FileMaker and shutdown the FileMaker server and OpenJDK is still bouncing around at 20 to 30 percent CPU usage. Anyone have any idea what else could be using OpenJDK? The server is dedicated for FileMaker server so there is nothing else running on it.
  3. I have a FileMaker server installation on a windows server 2019 AWS r5.2xlarge ( 8 vCPUs, 64 Gigs RAM ) recently moved from an in house server with 6 core 64 Gigs RAM Today after some performance complaints I noticed the CPU usage was much higher than it had been on the inhouse server. I have 10 to 15 users accessing via webdirect and what I noticed is that more than half the CPU usage is the OpenJDK Platform binary. It's consistently running higher than anything else on the server. Is this to be expected or should I suspect that something is wrong? In my test environment, and on another AWS deployment with just a couple users my observation is that the OpenJDK runs at a consistently lower percentage than the web publishing engine. But on the problem server it is running at a consistently and significantly higher percentage than the web publishing engine. Is that an indication of something? If so, what should I be looking for?
  4. Sorry I didn't clarify. It's an interface project. I was working on developing a dynamic menu and navigation system that is driven from the list of layouts and determined by the layout naming convention. The goal was to be able to add layouts without having to update any menus, buttons or navigation scripts. Initially it was just a single menu for small projects but I went a little nuts and developed it out to be a three level navigation system. The whole thing works entirely in the Button Bar calculations. No scripting involved. It worked out quite nicely. Thanks again
  5. Fired | One Red | Four And when I test it I see the issue. Fired and red, both contain "red". I made some adjustments While ( [ ~values = "Fired | One¶Fired | Two¶Fired | Three¶Red | Four¶Red | Five" ; ~prevValue = "|" ; ~result = "" ] ; not IsEmpty ( ~values ) ; [ ~string = GetValue ( ~values ; 1 ) ; ~value = GetValue ( Substitute ( ~string ; " | " ; "¶" ) ; 1 ) ; ~result = If ( not PatternCount ( ~prevValue ; "|" &~value & "|" ) ; List ( ~result ; ~string ) ; ~result ) ; ~prevValue = ~prevValue & ~value & "|" ; ~values = RightValues ( ~values ; ValueCount ( ~values ) - 1 ) ] ; ~result )
  6. The actual text is more like Apple | Some text Apple | Some more text Apple | Different text Orange | Random text Orange | Still more text Orange | A Different text I was looking to get Apple | Some text Orange | Random text I ended up with this: SetRecursion ( While ( [ ~values = "Apple | Some text¶Apple | Some more text¶Apple | Different text¶Orange | Random text¶Orange | Still more text¶Orange | A Different text" ; ~prevValue = "" ; ~result = "" ] ; not IsEmpty ( ~values ) ; [ ~string = GetValue ( ~values ; 1 ) ; ~value = GetValue ( Substitute ( ~string ; " | " ; "¶" ) ; 1 ) ; ~result = If ( not PatternCount ( ~prevValue ; ~value & "|" ) ; List ( ~result ; ~string ) ; ~result ) ; ~prevValue = ~prevValue & ~value & "|" ; ~values = RightValues ( ~values ; ValueCount ( ~values ) - 1 ) ] ; ~result ) ; 10 )
  7. It was a starting point. I realized what you just pointed out and adjusted ~prevValue to build a returned separated list of each value that had already been accounted for and used PattenCount to determine if each line contained a previously listed value. I was able to get the result I was looking for which was just the first occurrence of each value. Of course my use case is more complicated than Apple, Apple Apple. I just simplified the While calculation to define my immediate problem. Thanks as always for all your help.
  8. Ugh! I knew it had to be right in front of me. Thank you so much. Probably staring at it too long and just not seeing my own nose in front of my face. Thank You
  9. I'm trying to get the first occurrence of each unique value from a returned separated list using the While function. Can anyone tell me why this calculation doesn't work? SetRecursion ( While ( [ ~values = "Apple¶Apple¶Apple¶Orange¶Orange¶Orange" ; ~prevValue = "" ; ~result = "" ] ; not IsEmpty ( ~values ) ; [ ~value = GetValue ( ~values ; 1 ) ; ~result = If ( ~value ≠ ~prevValue ; ~result & "¶" & ~value ) ; ~prevValue = ~value ; ~values = RightValues ( ~values ; ValueCount ( ~values ) - 1 ) ] ; ~result ) ; 10 ) I have been staring at this all morning and I just can't see where I'm going wrong. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  10. Thanks rivet!! That was exactly what I needed. I was able to use jquery.js to set the image in the container field. Works beautifully in Mac and Windows. Thank You
  11. I was able to get this working beautifully on Mac using html2canvas.js However, saving the png image does not work in FileMaker on windows. It works fine in my browser on windows but will not work in the FileMaker webviewer.
  12. That's about what I've got figured out as well from researching all day. I'm getting there. At this point I am able to call a filemaker script from within the javascript and I believe I have the script to decode the result into a container field. But what I'm stuck on now is how to encode the generated image to Base64 in javascript.
  13. I am working on a very simple QR code in a web viewer using qrcode.js. The resulting Qr code can be dragged and dropped into a container field or I can right click on the web viewer and select "Save Picture as" and save it to my desktop. I would like to be able to automate this so that it automatically saves the resulting qr code to a container field. Interesting note, when i drag and drop into a container it results in a file called untitled.bmp, but when I right click on the web view and "Save Picture as" it saves as untitled.png. Not sure if that matters but I found it interesting. I have been researching and have seen mentions of using FMP Url to get the javascript result content from a web viewer but I haven't found any source that actually explains how that is done. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks QRCode.fmp12
  14. I found out something interesting with this as I researched further. I ran across a post where someone had said they did not experience this with the database hosted on a Mac Mini. In his case, hosted on Mac he was able to load from windows and see the preview just fine. I'm hosting on a Windows server and don't have access to a Mac server for testing. So instead I opened the contacts file on my iMac and shared it from there. When I insert the pdf into this file from my Windows client, it loads and shows the preview. So it seems the problem may be with the Windows server. I tried installing adobe reader on the server but that didn't help. Does anyone have any clue on this?
  15. Loading Pdf Mac vs Windows.mp4 The video is using FileMaker's Contacts starter file right out of the box. I added a script to demonstrate the insert picture script step but other than that I didn't change the file. The file is hosted on filemaker server 19. I'm using remotePC to my mac to show the different behavior. The reslut has been the same with every windows computer I've tried it on. Some have Adobe acrobat DC installed, others do not.
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