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  1. You can concatenate the current value of the field using replace field contents. currentFieldName & "textadded" "textadded" & currentFieldName
  2. To be honest, if your using all the listed options above and are having speed issues, hardware will probably not make a huge difference. WAN speed optimization always gets a larger boost from database optimization over hardware improvements in my experience.
  3. Filemaker Pro Adv 11.03 - Windows 7 Professional -- Works as expected. Filemaker Pro Adv 12.03 - Windows 7 Professional -- Does not work as expected.
  4. I'm not a huge fan of forcing information to a user's clipboard, but you do have that option. Script trigger that fires when entering a field you want to protect. Dialog box asking if they wish to edit, copy, or cancel. If they click edit, and their permissions allow it(maybe a value list of authorized users to make edits), it lets them into the field. If they click copy, contents of the field are placed on the users clipboard, if they click cancel the script doesn't allow them into the field.
  5. Not to my knowledge. At one time, I think .com Solutions did something with Bento to FM conversions, but no clue if that included layouts.
  6. I'm assuming that this.... If (table_status="closed") Show Custm Dialog ("Sorry, cannot change the evaluation") Else Go to Field (evaluation_field) End If is a script trigger that is fired when you enter the field your not wanting modified after locking. Your script is throwing a notification that its not able to be changed, but your not redirecting that users entry into that field. So when I click on the field, I've already entered it. Then your script fires and notifies me that I cannot change it, then exits. This leaves me inside the field you don't want edited. You
  7. If this is a script trigger on field entry, you need to direct them to another field or issue confirm record to clear your entry into a field.
  8. Another thing to note is what format the attachment is. Some enterprise setups are restrictive when they know its not a human passing a file to the outside. Inside the network will work fine in most of these situations. Something else to pass along to your Exchange Administrator when asking for assistance.
  9. One of the starter solutions from Filemaker 12 should give you a good starting point. I would check out the Business - Projects and Business - People & Assets areas and find one that gives you the best starting point for what your wanting to accomplish. FMGrowler works great for those who are using Mac OS X for on-screen notifications. Good luck and welcome to Filemaker!
  10. Correct. Filemaker 12 is file format change.
  11. Can you update your user profile to list your platform and version of software? What format are you exporting to and then what is being used to open the exported copy? Screen shot of what your seeing would be helpful as well. I am pretty sure it should be a EOL.
  12. Definitely want to contact Matt then. support@filemakerthemes.com
  13. Geolocational data lookups. Use a web service to return a list of Zip Codes that fulfill your requirements, then parse that list for matching properties in those Zips. Few different ways of doing this.
  14. Substitute( openExample::filePath ; """ ; "" ) Tip: Use the Data Viewer on your Advanced Copy and you can test bed calculations.
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