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  1. Further to what I wrote earlier. I have copied my file onto a stick and opened it from FileMaker 11 Advanced on my MacBook pro machine and it opens perfectly normally. I can see from the file options that indeed it is set to Admin with no password. Apparently something has happened to my application on my MacBook air, where it is requesting a password and an account from only this particular database. My other databases open normally without any window requesting a password. Weird.
  2. I have been using FM 11 for Mac for the last couple of years. I have a couple of databases. Today, for the first time ever, my master database, which has always opened automatically when double clicked, is asking me for an Account and password. It is suggesting my home account, however the password for my home account is not working. I have tried all the possible passwords I can think of, but I cannot get into my file except as a guest and then I cant make any changes. I have no idea why this has suddenly happened. I never asked to password protect that file, I always just doubl
  3. Using Filemaker 11, with MacBook Pro running System 10.6.8 I have just exported 2000 records. They are all there but only one of the layouts is present and not the one I use routinely. How do I get export to export my layouts as well so that I can view my exported records on another machine running FM11 in the layout I usually use?
  4. Now I have got this DATE MODIFIED field into my record along with DATE CREATED. However the formats of the dates are different. One of them is 28/09/2013 and the other one is 28 Sept 2013. I cannot see any way to make them the same (28 Sept 2013 is my preference). I looked at the options for the field but the date format is not shown as an option.
  5. I'm using FP 11 with MacBook pro System 10.6.8. I have a database of about 3000 records with various fields, one being "date created". I want to add a field to my layout for "date updated" so that whenever I make a change to a record, this field shows the date of that last change. This ought to be pretty simple but I dont immediately see a way to create such a field in my layout. thanks
  6. Merged fields are purely a display device - you cannot enter a merged field, and you cannot search its contents. To make this work, define a calculation field that concatenates the 5 fields (don't forget to put spaces or carriage returns in-between them), then search this field. I am now ready to try to do this, but where can I read about how to define a calculation field that concatenates other fields and where I do find a list of characters like spaces and CRs that I'll need. I dont have a Filemaker 7 for Mac manual, tho I went to eBay to try to pick up a 2nd hand one. So I find
  7. I have a database with about 1800 names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and checkboxes for 8 categories. I would like to create a layout in which the 5 fields devoted to the individual's record are merged into one field so that I can easily search the records when I dont know which field exactly the search word happens to be in. I'm sure this is dead easy but the Filemaker 7 help (for Macintosh) doesnt seem to tell me how to do it.
  8. Brilliant! Its working! AND MANY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. Made my day. jockm
  9. Great! It is *almost* working. In the example I first cited, to simplify it, I used a,b,c,d,e,f, and g as my category codes. Actually the codes are somewhat more complex. They happen to be g,i,N,R, f, and A. And i occurs by itself sometimes and sometimes preceded by g: ("gi") Therefore I wrote the blow calculation code, which works fine if "i" is by itself, but it does not work for the combination "gi". What do I need to do now to get it to work for different combinations of these letter codes? Substitute ( Category Code & ¶ ; [ "i" ; "§1¶" ] ; [ "N"
  10. Thanks,I will try to figure out how to do this. But can you tell me: how do I type in these unicode symbols that you show surrounding the 1 on my Macintosh keyboard? One of them is a carriage return, isnt it? And that will end the line if I type it. So confused. §1¶
  11. Correct, there is no separation between the letter codes.
  12. Maybe it will help understand the problem by saying that in the original application the seven codes were actually seven checkboxes and they had English language labels assigned to them. In importing the database into Filemaker pro, the checkbox labels were replaced with the a...g labels that the original application used to refer to its seven checkboxes. Now that the data is in Filemaker Pro I need to do searches referring to the original English label words, so I want them back!
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