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  1. Hey Bruce, I'm entirely sure what you are referring to. The name of the file that is hosted contains no ip address. When I open a remote file from my computer the path I reach the hosted file through is: fmnet:/ Contact Are you saying that I should see only fmnet:/Company Contact instead? Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated! Rob
  2. Since we don't have a static IP I don't think that could be the issue...I'll try and check.
  3. I have since reinstalled FM server, uploaded the file anew, renamed the hosting server, reinstalled FM again, still only on 1 computer in the network and I still get the same conflict message...
  4. Hey guys! So I have FMS 11 running on a computer, hosting a file. I installed FMP on a new computer but didn't realize one other mac on the wifi network is already using it. When opening the hosted file on the server, I was given the license conflict message. Fine. I uninstalled FM, removed all preference files, etc. started fresh with a different license key. Same problem. I tried all kinds of different things to absolutely no avail so finally I removed FMP from the OTHER mac that already had FMP on it. So now I only have one computer on the wifi network using FMP. I try a
  5. Hey guys, I have a complicated script which has several steps. It involves importing data from an excel sheet to a table and then distributing that data into 2 other tables within the database. To achieve this I use global variables to carry over the data from script to script. It all works fine. Except for some reason, if I try and run the script twice in a row, the second time the script gets stuck half-way. However if I close the file, reopen and try then, it works fine. So i'm guessing there's a conflict of some kind with the global variables. Is there a way I can reset
  6. Thanks so much for responding but as I was setting up a demo file for you, I figured it out. Hope you're enjoying your weekend : Best, Rob
  7. Hey guys, I have an extremely frustration problem. Four tables: - Contacts - Temporary contacts - Seachlists They all run through a Join table People from the temp. contact table and the main contact table are added to the searchlist. They are displayed in a portal. They layout displays data from Searchlist, the portal on it displays data from Temporary contacts. It displays contacts from both tables just fine. Perfect. Same exact setup for: -Locations -Temporary locations -Searchlists (same as before And they all run through the Join table. Again, l
  8. Hey guys, I have 3 tables. Jobs Worksheets People I link a worksheet to a job. I link people to the worksheet. People on a worksheet may not make it onto the job so they're not linked to the job. I display job name at the top of the worksheet by placing the jobname field from the job table at the top of the layout. I want to keep that jobname there for all the layouts, including the people's layout. The reason i can't do this is because the worksheet layout is displaying data from the people table and isn't directly linked to the job table. What field do I
  9. Great...so what would you recommend is the best solution to share a database that we use in the office on a LAN network on the web? I love how IWP simply displays the ready database online...I got the feeling that PHP and the other sharing solutions are quite different from that. Is my only option to upgrade to advanced? Thanks so much for the input.
  10. Hey guys, Am I right in my conclusion that if I want to have a LAN network of computers sharing an FM database and also want to share that database online with IWP then I will need Filemaker Server Advanced, not FM Server? Because FMS does not support LAN and IWP at the same time... Thanks, Rob
  11. Thanks comment, I'm doing my best to implement this solution. I'm having difficulty understanding exactly how the script setup works...but will keep you posted. It seems to do exactly what I would need it to do.
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to create many-to-many relationships between entries of the same table. After running this by a few people and doing research we're not entirely sure this is possible, even though it seems pretty simple. I have set up a join table and a portal to display all related contacts but what happens is that I'm only able to view the relations going towards the second occurrence of the primary table but when I go to the contact related to that contact, I see no connection. To give you a clear example, if I link an agent to a model, I see the model as an associated entry o
  13. Thanks so much for posting. I'm not that familiar with subsummary reports yet, I thought they are only useful when calculating data but I'll look into what my options may be. Portals don't seem to be the right solution either. Thanks so much, I'll let you know how it goes.
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