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  1. I tried a summary field originally but could not get them to work. It would count every entry in the field and throw off my calculations, I could not tell it to summarize certain entries into the field, rather I could not figured out how to make it only count certain text entries. Ie. in my "confirmed result" field on the leads layout, I could not create a summary field (on the "weekly recap" layout) that would only count the number of times "confirmed" was entered. It would count all entries instead, that in turn threw off my weekly recap calculations. Is there a way to use a summary fi
  2. If i could sort by the sales person that would be awesome. My question is how would i achieve that? Just add my rep. field to the existing relationship? Also would there be any easier / cleaner why to achieve what I want? I am open to suggestions. Thanks again! Matt
  3. I would be looking at the leads layout. Basically i want to perform a find by sales person and then click on the weekly recap button (this takes me to the weekly recap layout). The weekly recap shows the percentages of my sales persons confirmed appts., demos, one legs, sales, etc. Right now to count the number of confirmed appts, demos, and such I have a global field ( and relationship to certain tables for that field )that I enter what I want to count and it gets displayed on the weekly recap. But since I did not know that global fields cannot be filtered in a search it is throwing off
  4. I have a database that I use global fields to calculate and count certain fields. When I first set it up I did not know that global fields did not filter during a find. I have a number of calculation fields I am trying to filter by salesmen (field in my DB) and date. But when i filter the criteria my calculations are off because the global fields are still calculating for all records. Is there any way to accomplish what I want with out redoing everything? Thanks, Matt ***Attached is my database Leads_V1.2_Copy042209.zip
  5. Thanks for the reply Lee. Re-reading my OP, I guess I left some crucial detail out (sorry about that ) . I ultimately want to have this automated. IE. I click on a button and it will display a report or new layout with the records I have created in the last 48 hours and their information. I thought doing a report would achieve this but I could not find a way for it to constrain the records to only the ones created in the last 48 hours. I have attached a copy of my file maker database so whoever can see what i am working with. Leads_V1.2_Copy04212009.zip
  6. If this is in the wrong spot I apologize and if a mod could move it I would appreciate it. Hello all, I am trying to find a way to view all the records I created in the last 48 hours/24 hours/and that day. I tried to create a report that would do it but had no luck. I am really at a lost as how to do this. Any help on this would be awesome! Thanks!
  7. I think what you mentioned there just might work. Here is a clone of my DB. Leads_V1.2_Copy.zip
  8. Thanks! I don't think that achieves what I want though. I guess I should have been more specific in my OP. I need this to calculate for all records, for a summary of sorts I guess.
  9. Hello All, I am new here and looking for a little help on a problem. I have a database with one table in it called "Leads V1.2". I want to create a field with a calculation that will count how many times a value is selected from a drop down field called "Confirmed Results". IE. I have a field (drop down) that is called "Confirmed Results" That field is populated with a value list called "Confirmed Results". This value list has a value called "Confirmed". I then created a calculation field where I used the commands Count ( "Confirm Result" ; ValueListItems ( "Confirmed Results" ; "
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