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  1. Hi, I have a newly setup FMS 19 machine on Mac Catalina. I would like to install FMPA 19 on the server machine to "remote connect" on a very occasional basis. I have done this with earlier version of FileMaker many times on many servers and works fine. Obviously, not to make this a workstation but it is useful for testing things sometimes. So, when I do this, I get: Conflict is with the server. So I am "conflicting with myself". Any ideas? THANKS. - Chris
  2. FYI, to anybody reading this, I did try the SendGrid instructions and they are fairly simple - Base64 Encoded "apikey" and then the API key but it just doesn't work so I gave up on SendGrid. Bottom line is that SendGrid is VERY focussed on API implementations and just far more hassle than worth it. I was successful with gmail and creating an app password.
  3. Thanks. I guess I'll just have dig into that....
  4. Hi, I am a developer with a number of clients and I look after about 3 servers. As part of this, I have used SendGrid as an easy, free SMTP sending server. Has worked fine. Here I am just talking about sending with Send Mail script step -nothing complex like the API. I am thinking about sending both from scripts (so Send Mail script step) and server itself (FMS error messages etc). SendGrid is now enforcing two factor authentication which is problematic as I have used a number of SendGrid accounts in different places. I have read one can use Google's w
  5. Hi, I am going to be doing a mini project with FileMaker where an excel sheet is going to be distributed to bidders for some work. My plan is to then import the data from completed spreadsheets into FileMaker using Scribe. The Excel sheets aren't going to be the most complex Excel ever but there are some special things. So, we feel we need an experienced Excel person to take care of that. So, we are looking for recommendations for an Excel consultant who might be able to help us out. Ideal person is: -Based, like us, in the UK. US is OK though. -Able to stick aro
  6. I solved the problem. Wasn't corruption. I had a script running for the "Today" FileMaker 6 problem. This script updating 300k records every night (server side script). I had introduced an audit log into the databases and the logs were increasing by 1GB / month. See https://www.excelisys.com/fm-tips/filemaker-pro-13-tip-n-trick-easy-bake-filemaker-pro-13-audit-trail/ Amazing how tiny log additions (100 bytes maybe) added up to 1GB per month.
  7. I am 99% sure it is nothing to do with containers. There is nothing going on with containers that I am aware of. There is no storage going on of anything in containers... I have compacted which cuts down by 1.5GB. I have recovered. There is a long standing issue on recover (which we are ignoring and continuing to use the unrecovered file). The file when recovered is the same size and compresses the same as the unrecovered file (so recover is not fixing the issue). My next move it to delete tables in a copy of the database and see if a particular table has a big effect.
  8. I have a similar problem with a .fmp12 file. Did this problem get solved? The problem is described at: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/152862 THANKS.
  9. Chuck, THANKS for posting this. I may have the same problem. I am using anchor buoy with abbreviated TO names. In my case, I see 3 solutions: -Rename my anchor TOs to match table names but I don’t like this. I like my abbreviated TO names for anchor buoy methodology. (e.g. I don’t want to rename INV to invoices). So this solution is no good. -Introduce new TOs with the table names. I don’t like this because it will clutter up my TO lists when assigning fields etc etc. So this solution is no good... -Rename my tables to match anchor TOs. This I could do but I am reluctant.
  10. A few things I would add to this: -There are two format changes to make in the upgrade from FM11 to FM12 is pretty hassle free so really the only problem is the change from FM6 era to the .fp7 era. -The actual problems encountered in this depend greatly on what your solution is actually like. If it is a simple solution then it can just be converted and will mostly work correctly. I recent converted a very large solution (30+ files) and I followed the whole MetadataMagic route with pre and post conversion tasks. I found a number of issues this way but I could have also just take the appr
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