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  1. Is Filemaker Pro Advanced compatible with Windows Server 2008? I am attempting to set up a small extranet to share a Filemaker Pro databases with a small number of clients who will access the database using both client versions of Filemaker and also and browsers to access Instant Web Publishing (which is unavailable on Filemaker Server). I am able to run FM Pro Advanced version 11 on the Windows Server 2008 but clients are unable to "see" the FM databases hosted on the server.
  2. Is there a simple way to display PDF file contents in container fields without first exporting the field?
  3. I was able to stretch the footer to 110 inches, but the body part would not stretch beyond the boundary limits of the page size. As a result, in preview mode, the screen displays only a single page. I don't get it. Filemaker specs indicate that a text field can hold very large bodies of text, yet displaying large amounts and or printing them seems to be a challenge. I must be overlooking something simple. Any idea what I am doing incorrectly?
  4. Thank you. But how do I go about configuring the layout to print the full 110 inches of text? When I set up the layout, I insert the text field onto the report, but the the amount of text printed is limited to the size of the field I place on the layout.
  5. 04-24-09 11:44 PM - Post#34267 I wish to use Filemaker to store and manage large documents the contents of which I wish to enter into indexed text fields. How do I go about displaying multiple screens of such data (so I don't have to use the scroll bar) and how do I print the entire contents of the large text field in reports?
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