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  1. Are you looking to integrate your Filemaker solution with telephone service? We have the solution for you! We are developing, supporting, and hosting VOIP PBX Solutions. Our main focus is to provide a reliable and easy-to-use phone system. Some of the benefits that you would enjoy using our Hosted PBX Solutions are: - Unlimited Minutes - Flat Rate - Conference Calls - Transfer of calls between remote offices - Interactive Voice Response ( For example if somebody calls your number he can choose one of the following: Press “1” for Sales, Press “2” for support and so on) - Mus
  2. Hello everybody, I'm wondering whether there is a different way of publishing PDF Containers besides IWP options of FM. Currently my customers are able to download their information through IWP. However this interface isn't user friendly and it's kind of slow. So do you think there is a way those containers could be accessible through PHP or anything else? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everybody, I was thinking if I can integrate Google maps distance estimation into Filemaker. I know that I can use Web Viewer, but it's going to show me the whole page. I'm interested only in the actual distance between two zip code inputs.Do you think I can use Web Viewer to show me only a portion of google map site ? ( The idea is similar to Web Clip Dashboard on Mac OS) . Thanks
  4. Yeah, make sense.Now I just need to figure out how to define the "fields". I know it is possible, but may be I was just curious if somebody has similar problem. -) Anyway Thank you!
  5. Well, I have customized my iwp_auth.html and I have different users. What do you mean by additional database ? I need an additional database to track the activity of users within my existing one?
  6. Hello everyone, Does anyone have an idea how I can integrate more detailed statistics in Filemaker Server 10? Currently I'm able to see, who is logged into the database. I can also look up at the logs, but most of the time they are useful only for troubleshooting. I'm more interested in "how much time each user spend" and eventually "how many" searches he/she performs. I can run Google Analysis on iwp_auth.html, which can give an idea how many users log on dally basis, but nothing else. Do you have any ideas how I can implement such statistics as "logged time" and "performed searches" int
  7. I mean that as you can see in "shipper 2" you can select one value and it appears in multiple lines. In "shipper 1" with AutoBox and auto-complete by using value list I can choose only value for the first row .. then I should go to the second row and choose value for the second row and so on ...
  8. Hello, I have an issue, which I can't explain so I attach an example file. So my question is: Does anybody have an idea how the field "shipper 2" with drop-down list could be transformed to "shipper 1" with Edit Box having the some functionallity? or Why I can't check "auto-complete using value list" box in the case of "shipper 2" example.zip
  9. Okey, it's working now, but I have to choose between all the addresses, which I have entered. Can I stick only to ones, which are related to the company name ? or I made something wrong ? Best regards
  10. Hello everyone, I have the following issue: I have 3 fields - "company", "address" and "town". They are repeating in different layouts. I made a relation (using 2 tables) so when I enter all the information in "main" layout.... in other layouts ... i just select the "company" and the "address" and "town" show up automatically. The only problem is that sometimes one company has more than one address. I'm doing this, because I don't want to fill up more than once information, which I already have. For example in new record, I just want to choose "company" and the rest 2 fields to
  11. I have "shipper" field, which includes shipper name, address, city and zip. All these in 3 rows in one big "shipper" field. I have check auto-complete check box, but it auto-completes by row. If I wrote everything without hitting "ENTER" key... it is working, but it isn't aligned wheel. How can write the shipper name and address, city and zip to show up on separate rows ? Should I create a separate fields for name, address,city and zip ? Any ideas ? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thank you all for all the responses, especially "comment" .. that was the one i was looking for!
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