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  1. Good thank you. Lets add some more complexity to this. I have a third table called Transactions which is related to the Products table. One product can have many transactions such that Transactions > --- Products ----< Prices fPID PID fPID Can I create a Last Price calc in the Transactions table that essentially gives me the last price for fPID in the Prices Table? Thank you Mark
  2. Ok I am somewhat at a loss. There is hopefully an easy solution that I have missed. I have two tables. Table 1: Products PID Table 2: Prices fPID Date Price Table 1 has a one-to-many relationship to prices. That is one product may have many different prices. I would like to create a field in the Products Table called Total Amount, which is = Amount (entered by user) and Last Price (Calculation Field). I am having problems getting the Last Price calculation. Ideally I would like to have a Vlookup function (equivalent) into the Prices table, that gives
  3. This is a great disappointment that FM does not support Unions.
  4. Dear Forum members I am trying to grasp the following problem/concept and have been wondering increasingly how I can best achieve it. I’ll try and explain as best as I can. e.g I have a table called expenses which lists all the expenses as at a certain date. Then I have a table called Income, which lists all the sources of Income as at specific dates. Table 1: Expenses Fields: Exp_ID -- Date ---Description -- $ Amount E1 -- 30/11/2008 – Charges – 10 E2 – 30/11/2008 – Fees – 20 E3 – 30/11/2008 – Internet Fees – 5 E4 – 31/12/2008 – Internet Fees – 10 Table 2: I
  5. I intend to let the admin determine the pricing source order/ranking. Such that the order is tru for all users. R Mark
  6. Dear Forum members I am struggling to implement the following. Tables: Table 1: Shares (Products) Product ID -- Name [color:red]P1 -- BHP Billiton Table 2: Details Share Prices as at different dates and also details the Price Source. fPID-- Date – Price – Price Source [color:red]P1 – 31/10/2008 – 10 – Yahoo-finance P1 – 31/10/2008 – 10.5 – Reuters P1 – 30/11/2008 – 10 – Yahoo-finance Table 3: Price Sources Ranking For a certain share (e.g P1), the user can select the ranking of price sources. That is, given several price sources at one date, the final result
  7. Could I solve the above problem by maintaining a sort order in the relationship table (Prices 2) such that the records are always sorted by date. This way, the previous record is always the previous date. Would this be the correct way of going about it, or are there any issues that I should be aware of sorting relationship tables in a different way to FileMaker default. Thanks Mark
  8. This certainly points me in the right direction. The one downside with this method, is that the cChange field (the %change field) is merely based on the previous record. This assumes that asset prices and their dates are entered in succession. But lets assume that a user puts in another price records for an asset one year ago. The way cChange currently calculates the %change, it would merely take the previous record's price and the current price and get the %change between them. This is clearly not intended. Is there a way to make 100% sure that monthly %changes are based on onl
  9. Dear Forum members This is quite possibly a simple FileMaker solution, but nevertheless as a beginner I have struggled to find a solution. I have two related tables. Products (Primary key: Product ID) and Product Prices (Foreign Key: Product ID). There is a one-to-many relationship from products to prices, meaning that one product can have many different prices at different dates. So typically a Product Prices Table would have a record for a specific Product ID, a date field and a price field. Now, I would like to produce a number of fields on the Products Layout that give the %
  10. Same thing here. I have done everything imaginable, yet for some reason in browse mode all objects are displayed.
  11. Dear all I would firstly like to know whether it is possible to let users of my still-to-be-developed FM solution select an option that allows all (or only selected fields) to be “inherited” from another record. Such that selected fields for that particular record are always linked and updated subject to its “parent” record. Secondly, if the above is possible, what would be the best way to go about this in FM10. THanks
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