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  1. Thanks again for the the information regarding slow write speeds. The issue was the JSON stored in the text field. I converted the payload to pipe delimited and it made a drastic improvement.
  2. Thanks, Jesse. Thanks for the quick response! I will go ahead and test in my DEV environment. I will update this thread once I have new information. Thanks again!
  3. I am having an issue where one of the tables I am syncing goes from 70 writes per sec to 5 writes per second. This write speed decreases incrementally through out the initial sync for the specific table. All other tables I am syncing hover around 70 writes per second. It is taking the iOS devices to write 7500 total records in 15 minutes. The problem table has 3100 of those records. This table takes 13 of the 15 minutes. Details of my solution: iOS Client to MirrorSync 5 Server sync. Mobile file is a separate trimmed down version of the hosted file. All fields on sync
  4. I am trying to access Con-Way XML web service for Rate Quoting. When using the Google Chrome Extension Postman I am able to successfully receiving a Quote via XML using a https post. When using a Web Viewer or Insert From URL in File Maker Pro I am not successful with a httpspost. Below is an example of the request I am trying to make within the Webviewer or Insert from URL. httpspost://www.con-way.com/XMLj/X-Rate?RateRequest=<RateRequest><OriginZip country='us'>44483</OriginZip> <DestinationZip country='us'>33179</DestinationZip><ChargeCode>P</Charge
  5. I have a solution that is submiting a 70 mb file to the print queue of my printer. I am printing a small amount of records that would all fit on one page. Since the file is so large it is taking a long time to spool. Especially if printed to a printer using parrell. Has anyone else ran into this issue?
  6. I am having the same problem in using a SQL data source. Have you found a solution to this problem?
  7. I am having the same problem you expierenced. What was your solution?
  8. Thanks that was the problem.
  9. See attached files xmldata.txt stylessheet.txt
  10. The source of the xml data does not have the "-" I just copied that content from the web viewer within File Maker. If I open my style sheet within a XML writer and if I check the style sheet if it is well formed I get an invalid syntax error for line 2 of the style sheet. When I'm in File Maker and I try to import the xml data from the url I get an Error that says... XML parsing Error: Expected a 'version=', encoding=', or 'standalone=' Line Number:2 Column Number:16
  11. I am new when it comes to creating a style sheet to be used when importing xml data. I have read through the previous posts and I have changed my code numerous times and I am still not having any luck. I would appreciate any help! XML Data: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> - - 5465182 xxxx 2 $249.62 G5465182 $47.05 $296.67 COLUMBIANA, OH 1-800-333-9974 WILSON, NC 1-800-545-3017 $1,680.50 $1,445.23 $14.35
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