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  1. Hello, I have now been running my database with no great issues for nearly a year now. I now have a problem which I am sure is easy to fix however have been unable to figure out. We had a VAT (tax) change here starting 1st January 2010, I could change the calculation no problem however it changes all the database records so when we look back at old invoices it has the incorrect VAT on it. Can somone advise how to calculate the VAT field @ 15% for invoices raised before 1st Jan 2010 and 17.5% for invoices rasied after 1st Jan 2010? Currenlty the VAT calculation is: nett amount * .1
  2. Hello back again. I have been at this a while and have now created inventory system that controls the stock level, Purchases in and Sales out. All appears to be functioning at present, very happy. Again I am thinking about the next step, which is accounts receivable, this may be too much and should be happy with what I have however I would like to keep going if I can. The initial question I have is how to transfer the information I have i.e. sales & purchases to control the accounting side. Do I duplicate the data I have or do I need more tables to do this. Any pointe
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, very helpful. I need to play around and see how I get on. Regarding the purchases table, I have a table that creates orders on suppliers (supplier order & Supplier line item), is this not the same thing? If not what fields should be in here. I tend to over kill on what information I think I need in tables when sometimes just the minimum is needed. Another ideas on fields on the other tables may also help. Thanks.
  4. Hello again. Thanks to your help I now been able to create the multiple line items and have been moving on rapidly since then. Although I imagined being satisfied with what I originally set out to do I now see the real value of databases and now want more from it. The problem I have run into now is that I want to show how many parts I have in stock through stock receipts and stock withdrawals (in my products table) however this is proving difficult. I have a order line items table, which includes stock receipts field (quantity IN) and a sales line item table, which I assumed
  5. Fantastic thats now working. Just a quick follow up question, the Line Item table in the DB I attached doesn't seem to be functioning properly. I want to be able to key in the unique part number and the customer part number & price will automatically appear. I have looked at the relationships and think I set this up correctly however its again doesnt seem to work. Is there anything you saw that would fix this or is it a fundamental problem. Thanks very much for your help.
  6. I have attached my DB so far. The only difference is that I have created an additional table called "customer price file" this table allows me to enter an individual price for a specific customer also it enables me to put customer part number on the invoice as well. Let me know what you think. Filemaker_DB.zip
  7. I created a new DB, using just one DB as suggested. I entered the script to create a new line item as explained in the last post and created a portal on the invoice layout from the line items table. However I am having problems.... when I click the "new line item" tab it just creates a new line item in the line item table but does not direct you to the portal (as per you example database you attached previously. All the relationships seem to be working Ok in the other tables ie. Lookups. Based on what I have explained is it possible to tell if likely to be a portal problem? Rel
  8. OK, I will create one DB for my tables and see if I find that any easier. Could you just explain the "add item" script that was on the example you sent. I understand the principle of whats been created however the "set variable" and "set field" scripts are the ones I am not sure of. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all your help, the example DB that you sent has been helpful as its much easier to play around and see what should be done and how you have done it. I am having a little issue writing the script for “adding line item” however I think this is down to the fact that I have stored my tables in separate Databases rather than tables within one DB like the two examples you gave. Can I write a script that will “add a new line item” from another database? I don’t really want to start again and create a new DB with multiple tables however if you think this is the best way for achiev
  10. Thanks for the link. The tables you on the link seem to be similar to what I have already. Still the problem I have is the function of the line item portal in the invoice. I can set the portal up to have as many rows as I want however when I go to browse mode to key in the information, it either only lets one line item be entered or duplicates the line above or if I have a scroll bar it just lists what’s in the line item table to how many rows I created in the portal. Am i going about this the wrong way hence the portal problems?? I thought that way to input the product li
  11. Hello, I am new to FM and am having problems creating multiple lines on invoices and hope that someone could help me. I want to create an invoice for a customer and be able to create multiple products lines on ONE invoice. I have a created the following table:- Customers Database Products DB Customer product DB Invoice DB Line Item DB I have created a simple version which allows one line per invoice (created without line items DB) and this works OK, its just the majority of my customers order more than one product at a time so I would be creating a lot of invoic
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